Homoerotic Wrestler of the Month

After nearly drowning in new releases in September, the crop of October homoerotic wrestling releases from which to pick a homoerotic wrestler of the month is relatively sparse. BG East had an unusual between-catalog release of Donnie Drake’s wrestler spotlight, pitting Donnie against Jobe Zander, Paul Hudson, and Rio Garza. The only real contender for my votes from Naked Kombat this month is Phillip Aubrey’s obliterating squash of Matthew Singer. I think Thunder’s Arena had two October releases, including Z-Man going up against Rambo, and then again in their newest Halloween Havoc release, Z-Man wrestles Big Sexy and Uno wrestles Cage. I’m going to go ahead and toss into the hat Can-Am’s newest releases of newcomer Landon Mycles against Michael Vineland, and yet another Can-Am recycle job of Donnie Drake’s Double Play with fellow BGE alums, Chris Bruce and Rio Garza, even though these two are out only in subscription services so far.

Were there others I should have considered? Let me know (nicely). In the meantime, my personal pick for homoerotic wrestler of the month simply has to be…

Landon Mycles.

So let me be clear that I have more than a little ambivalence about this pick for just one reason: Can-Am TV. That’s the only format that this match has been released in yet. And I hate this format. Of course I love it because it gives me instant gratification, but I hate it because it’s a completely unsustainable pricing scheme (and I do mean scheme). So while I was lured into ponying up 46 cents per minute to watch this match just once, I’m reluctant to promote the release because at this point, I’m also promoting the format. Per minute pay-per-view is not geared toward those of us seriously into our wrestling kink. If I had to pay 46 cents for every minute I’ve watched Brad Rochelle get cracked in half over Jeff Phoenix’ knee, I’d be flat broke. I suppose if you want to browse merchandise that you might be interested in buying outright, the format makes some sense (and I WILL be purchasing this if ever it’s available to buy for real). But I warn you, the minutes fly by and this stuff turns into a nasty, expensive, impulsive habit way too fast for an addictive personality like mine.

That said, Landon Mycles breakout performance against Michael Vineland takes my breath away. He’s a work of art, to start with. Landon’s body is incredibly fit, and his muscles are just perfectly proportioned and toned. He quickly breaks out into a sweet, slick coat of sweat, which always makes swoon. He’s handsome as hell, with a shit-eating grin that makes my knees weak. And he’s all in here, working hard, tossing and getting tossed, and showing some clear evidence of an amateur wrestling background here and there. He moves smoothly, he delights in his moments of owning Michael, and he completely takes me by surprise by selling me his pleasure in getting owned and occasionally worshipped by Michael as well. One particularly haunting scenario (it comes up twice and works both times for me), features Michael snapping up Landon’s leg in a single-leg crab and immediately going to work massaging Landon’s cock. This goes on and on, as Landon teeters on the edge of crying out in pain and groaning with pleasure.

I have to say that Landon does tend to fall into a pattern of what I think of as over/under selling. That is, he may oversell his suffering just a tad (but nothing I can’t live with), and then when he escapes, he suddenly undersells having just moments earlier been on the brink of an excruciating submission. Instead, he pops up with that big, shit-eating grin on his face with 100% suddenly back in his tank, as if he wasn’t just screaming in pain for the past 3 minutes. I think it’s a minor criticism, but it caught my eye repeatedly. Still, this is a breakout performance that’s tailor made to the “grab-ass” sub-fetish I’ve been crazy for lately. These boys are both delighting in each other’s bodies, capturing and being captured, stroking and squeezing, from start to finish. And Landon in particular convinces me that the post-match sex is a sincere climax to the incredibly arousing ring action, which frankly just doesn’t often happen for me (more often it seems to me like the post-match fuck is phoned in). And this is a pro-ring, pro-style erotic wrestling match with an excellent proportion of wrestling kink and final scene sex. So much is going right here, and Landon continues to pop up happily in my dreams ever since I caught this match.

And for that, he’s got to be my pick for October’s homoerotic wrestler of the month.

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