*Gasp!* AllHotMen drew my attention to the cover of DNA, and coverboy extraordinaire, Todd Sanfield. It’s moments like this that I just have to sit back in awe that there is something this beautiful in the world.

This almost hurts, he’s so hot. Frankly, I’m finding some prior work of Todd’s that illustrates that he has been quite hot for a while, but these DNA pics are just from another planet! Everything about him is just a little bigger, harder, rounder, more defined. Hell, I’d even say there’s something even more handsome about his face, which just doesn’t make any sense to me (I am looking at the same guy, aren’t I?).

And then, there’s that ass! Good grief! A hot, huge, gorgeously muscled hardbody who’s this generous on camera is making it hard for me to keep my mind on my work today. In this upward dog pic, he’s illustrating just how much he’s aching to get tortured in a camel clutch wearing only his tube socks.

Oh………. mygod. I’ve got to get back to writing in the Secretarial Pool. I think Todd could give Luke Guldan a run for his money in my fitness model muscleboy wrestling imagination.

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