Year in Review – Favorite Moment #1

Surely it can’t be a mystery what my #1 favorite moment in blogging of 2010 has been.  I started tracking my favorite homoerotic wrestling pornboys a year and a half ago, with Mitch Colby holding the inaugural title for months on end. Derek da Silva shook things up near the end of 2009, coming on strong, mentioning my blog on his Twitter account, and just like that, Derek kneed Mitch in the groin and brought the big man to his knees. Derek managed to hold the title a precious brief snapshot in time, though. Shortly after, Mitch’s Wrestler Spotlight was released, and largely on the merits of his sweat soaked mat battle with Patrick Donovan, Mitch squeezed Derek between those tree trunks he calls thighs until the title popped right back into his hands. That earned both battlers my #1 favorite moment of 2009.

Something unexpected happened in winter of this year though. Specifically, Rusty Stevens happened. Rusty’s performance in Can-Am’s first Arena release completely took me by surprise. After beating his jobber opponent into the mat, naked with his gorgeous pipe a-swinging as he paced around the loser, Rusty let loose with a trash talk clinic on corporate turncoat Aryx Quinn that made me dizzy with desire. Just like that, he climbed up from the hordes of hopefuls to slam Derek’s ass to the mat and ride him like a pony into the top contender spot for my favorite homoerotic wrestling pornboy.

Shortly thereafter, the dark horse showed up in Arena 2, picking right up where he left off, trash talking circles around Aryx Quinn. It was his “spanking the baby” dance, illustrating how, when Aryx is unconscious at the end of the match, he plans on “tapping that ass,” that pulled off Rusty’s second consecutive stunning upset. He came up on Mitch from behind and managed to snag the title as my undisputed favorite homoerotic wrestling pornboy right out of Mitch’s hands almost without a fight. That swagger! That razor wire wit! The body of an adonis, the mouth of a trucker, and the wrestling chops of a serious player… Rusty settled into the top spot in my rankings like he’d owned the place from the start.

The earth shook beneath my feet the day that BG East posted their preview pics of their first summer release, The Breaking Point: Sexy, Sexier, Sexiest over at the BGE Arena. A truer word has never been spoken in dubbing Rusty’s head-to-head mat battle with none other than Mitch Colby as “sexiest.” I’d played that scenario out in my imagination enough times that the promise of a Rusty v Mitch mat battle seemed too surreal to believe. I whipped out my… wallet so fast that my ass got burned, and I waited with desperate impatience to see these two titans of my homoerotic wrestling lusts actually face off in jock straps.

Let’s be honest, here. This could easily have turned into the #1 disappointment of the year for me. I’d worked this match-up over in my own wrestling kinked imagination so often that Rusty and Mitch were in serious danger of never being able to live up to my fantasy. Would this turn out to be too much of a good thing? And most importantly, would this prove to be the game changer that managed to topple Rusty’s cocky, trash talking ass right off his throne and reinstall #1 contender Mitch with the title he really did own from the beginning?

My joy knew no bounds when I popped in the DVD and sat back to watch The Breaking Point: Sexiest. Mitch was simply huge, a mountain of a man. No longer the svelte fitness competitor of his recent appearances, Mitch was the epitome of a big-n-beefy battler. He just took up so much fucking space in that Florida sunroom! It’s not like a lot of people could dwarf the 6’0, 200 pounds of lean muscle that are Rusty, but Mitch did it the instant he stepped on the mat. Rusty instantly did what Rusty does best: he launched a psychological attack on his opponent’s ego to leave him flat-footed for the physical assault to follow. He threw a couple of jabs at Mitch’s weight and fitness, calling attention to his own sliced to shreds physique. But there’s just no denying the look of intimidation that sneaked across Rusty’s face frequently as the two titans locked up. This was not going to be the walk in the park that Rusty, in his supreme, cocky self-confidence, probably had in mind.

They wrestled hard. They both had sheets of sweat pouring off of them before the trunks got ripped off. It was a back and forth battle, with both hunks determined not just to win, but to tame their opponent into true submission. Mitch’s size advantage started to swing momentum decisively his way about after about the halfway point. He squeezee the air out of Rusty in a fantastic bearhug, shaking the pornboy like a rag doll. Rusty countered with a completely unexpected toe suck to tame the beast he’d awoken in Mitch, but Mitch would not be denied. The #1 contender beat a final submission out of Rusty before lording over the wasted champ, pumping on Rusty’s gorgeous cock until he popped.

What makes one my favorite homoerotic wrestler, though, is not always the score card at the end of the match. In this case, Mitch threw everything he had at the title holder, weaving together a smoking hot story of homoerotic domination. But Mitch never managed to successfully “tame” Rusty. Rusty remained feisty and fierce even with his cock completely under Mitch’s control. It’s Rusty’s smart mouth that made the razor thin margin of victory not in the match, but in my rankings. Sitting squarely on Mitch’s face, about halfway through the match, Rusty preened as if he was about to cum with the sheer exhiliration of the moment of domination. With a chuckle in his voice, Rusty snarled down at Mitch, “I’m thinking you may want to give, but then again, my ass is in your face.”

And again, I was helpless against Rusty’s razor wire wit woven seamlessly through his sweat-soaked, grunting and grinding, hell bent on a humiliating homoerotic wrestling performance. Mitch won the battle, but Rusty held onto the title as my very favorite homoerotic wrestling pornboy, and that, my friends was my favorite moment of 2010.

It didn’t hurt that the BGE website referenced this very blog in the description of the match, but I swear to you, this would’ve been my most favorite moment of 2010 in any case. Even as I toast to the reigning champion at year’s end, I’m eyeing what 2011 might hold for the pornboy rankings. Trent Diesel has been coming on strong, a major workhorse earning his homoerotic wrestling credit with a steady stream of performances, mostly over at Naked Kombat. Rusty’s performance in
Raging Stallion’s Brutal was, frankly, underwhelming (not that I think that was Rusty’s fault, but he was simply underutilized). Either way, the title seems to be under serious contention again, with Trent looking like he could overtake the champion through sheer hard work and tenacity (not to mention his jaw-dropping physique, aesthetically perfect tats, and speaking of aesthetically perfect, have you taken a look at Trent’s ass!?).

2010 was indeed a fantastic year for me, and hope it was for you as well. For all the readers who keep me honest and the readers who egg me on, for the producer’s and back office boys working the homoerotic wrestling business for a living, and for the hardworking hunks, both pornboy and non-pornboy, wrestling their asses off for our entertainment, I especially lift a toast of joy and appreciation for you all. For Rusty, Mitch, Trent, Mr.
Joshua, Lon, Landon, Bobby, Enforcer, Denny, and the steady stream of generous, hot and sweaty boys doing the hard and certainly not risk-free work of homoerotic wrestling, I toast to your good health and continued success in the coming year.

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