Bodies Over Time – Wrestler-of-the-Month Edition

In addition to being my current homoerotic wrestler of the month, Denny Cartier is one stunning looking man. I know. I’ve said this before. But when you’re the homoerotic wrestler of the month, you get an extra helping of adoration. Honestly, it seems impossible that it was nearly 6 years ago that Denny first appeared wrestling for BG East, a bright eyed, curly haired, broad-smiled, dimpled chinned, earnest-as-shit pretty face dressed all in white (oh, rookie….). He had the misfortune of showing up to make his big splash on the scene by going up against the buzz saw that is Bulldog Barzini. But instantly, Denny was showing some cocky confidence, bouncing on the balls of his feet, and he had sweat pouring off of him in buckets by the time Bulldog was done with him. These are precisely the elements upon which a future homoerotic wrestler of the month can build.

It took Denny nearly two years to recover from his initiation at the hands of Bulldog before he showed up again in his “underground” mat match against Jonny Firestorm. Here’s where we were introduced to Denny in his natural habitat: the mats.  He was beefier, with a little bit of hair on his meaty chest, while the hair on his head was more tightly trimmed than before, giving him less of a little boy look and more of a Colt model look. Again, his hard work on the mats against Jonny left sweat streaming off his body, inspiring in me a fantasy shower scene with me holding the loofah. Denny was still awfully pretty against Jonny, but his presence was increasingly fierce and undeniably accomplished.

Another year and a half went by before we caught sight Denny again, this time sporting a buzz cut, bigger muscles, and the beginning of a growing work of art inked to his left upper arm and shoulder. All of this combined has become the foundation of Denny’s current presentation as a serious competitor, a hunk of both gorgeous meat and dangerous talent, and babyface coming of age. Going toe-to-toe against a behemoth about half a foot taller and 80 pounds heavier (holy crap!), Denny illustrated that he is one fearless piece of work. He continued to sport those fantastically hairy, thick thighs, but he was shaved and smooth otherwise. And that ass! Now those red trunks, I believe, bring Denny’s physique into clearest focus.

Happily, Denny’s been showing up more regularly recently. With his young turk takedown of the Mr. Bodies Over Time himself, Chris Bruce, Denny’s started picking up momentum, and, more importantly, a story. Those white trunks with blue piping are an extremely close second place for my favorite Denny gear. His crouching-tiger-poised-to-pounce attitude against Chris was seriously hot. Once again outweighed (only by about 15 pounds this time) Denny keeps chopping away at the BGE veteran until he’s proven the point he showed up to make: that he’s here not just to get tossed around, but to pound away at anybody in his way as he proves he’s dangerous, particularly on the mats, to anyone he sets his sights on.

Of course, that story is bound to draw attention from a veteran heel like Mikey Vee, and not the good sort of attention (at least not good for Denny). In his sequel to Backyard Brawls 6, Denny looks exactly the same for Mat Hunks 8 (appropriately enough, since this match picks up minutes after Denny’s match with Chris Bruce concluded). Bringing the action in doors against Mickey Vee, though, results in Denny at his very sexiest, working up a tsunami of sweat as he gives everything he’s got to keep up with the veteran, who’s playing with him like a cat with a ball of yarn. The victory is Mikey’s, but the story is Denny’s, as Denny proves that even when outmatched, he’ll keep coming back for more, 100% effort every step of the way, until he’s literally collapsed on the ground from total exhaustion. This seems to me to be the core of Denny’s wrestling: he relishes the physical competition and he’ll face down any challenge, regardless of the odds against him.

For Backyard Brawls 7, Denny arrives sporting more extensive ink on that powerful right upper arm of his. His curls are completely gone now, buzzed almost to the skin. He’s beefy, not nearly as “pretty,” but every bit as sexy as ever, if not more so. His dismantling of rookie Attila Dynasty is no squash. The rookie has arrived ready to scrap, with an arsenal of his own already in hand. And Denny gives the impression that he’d want it no other way. It’s not so much about being on top, as it is about the thrill of climbing on top, conquering inch by inch until the rookie is flat on his back, every salvo that he lobbed met, matched, and overcome by Denny’s relentless determination. I have no idea if Denny gets off on wrestling the same way I do, but he possesses an obvious lust for the sport and passion for the physicality of it all that translates nicely to a wrestling kinked audience.
I’d love to see Denny follow in the footsteps of Joshua Goodman (that’s Mr. Joshua to you!), and bring to the mat room one of the countless admirers that Denny must attract every day. I’m certain that I’m not the only one with a deep desire to lick the sweat off of every inch of Denny’s body and squeeze those gorgeous glutes of his. I think it’s time that Denny upped the stakes, bringing that sweat-lubricated lust to conquer, face-to-face with some hot, horny hunk’s conquering lust. 

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