Art Imitating Art Imitating Art

Did you see that there’s a Denny Cartier sale going on until next Friday!? Run, don’t walk, I say! Someone on the news update list for BG East forwarded me their coverage of my coverage of Denny as homoerotic wrestler of the month. It’s all a delightful, vicious circle, now that I’m documenting their coverage of my coverage of their wrestler, all over again.

Fantasymen 28

This suddenly all feels like much more of an ego trip for me than I ever realized. My infatuation with Denny triggers this domino effect that turns into a sale on Denny products? I don’t know if there really is a direct cause and effect relationship between my words and your homoerotic wrestling purchases, but in case anyone who wasn’t tuned into Denny’s delights before gives him a closer look, I think it’s excellent to have been part of the chain of events leading to Denny’s introduction to a wider audience. I think he represents something particularly important in the industry that transcends hard cocks and pornstar bodies (not that there’s anything wrong with them!). Denny’s a wrestler, and these days I just don’t think we can take that for granted.

from “Jonny Firestorm in Montreal”

It wasn’t long ago that I was calling out the BG East boys for grossly underreporting the impressive stature of one-hit-wonder Duncan Thomas. I was intentionally provocative, mind you. Frankly I was hoping to get a rise out of them. And my remedy, you may recall, for poking at the BG East boys with a stick, was that Denny Cartier should show up on my doorstep to teach me a lesson in manners. I’m sad to report that this has not happened. No Denny. No doorstep. No overnight bag.

Backyard Brawls 6

Despite Denny not making house calls, I still say he’s definitely worth a second look for those of you who like a strong dose of wrestling in your wrestling kink brew. And if nothing else, perhaps a little extra attention paid to Denny by you and me will pique the curiosity of other hunks in the BG East stable looking for whose face to step on next as they climb the ladder. I can think of no better star for a sequel to Alexi Adamov’s sweat-inducing outdoor wrestling clinic, Who’s Next, than Denny.

Backyard Brawls 7

So I suppose all there is for me to do is to keep being “prolific” in my writing and reviews (I’ll choose to interpret that as compliment). I could grow a little drunk on the ego stroke of inspiring a Denny Cartier sale, but my commitment will continue to be to call them like I see them. If, on occasion, I provoke or offend the fine workers of BG East by my prolific comments, I trust they will forgive me… or send Denny to set the record straight.

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