Potently Powerful Little Package

My reigning homoerotic wrestler of the month and newly minted top contender for the title of my overall favorite homoerotic wrestling pornboy, DJ, is (obviously) a wrestler that has provided me a lot of entertainment. He’s been around Naked Kombat for over a year and a half now, working his tight little ass off in an astonishing 15 four-round matches. It’s no wonder he’s incredibly accomplished at the particular nuances of coming out on top in Naked Kombat!
DJ v Dean Tucker

DJ’s debut match was against another one of my favorite NK boys who we haven’t seen in a long time, Dean Tucker. The fact that DJ was up for a debut match with an oil round should have told us all something. He’s game for any challenge. He’s since been in three more oil matches. Dean worked over the rookie in the end, but DJ made the muscleboy work, and work hard from start to finish. Again, there was a clear lesson to be learned here. DJ does not roll over and take it from anyone without a fight to the very last second of the competition.

DJ v Dean Tucker

DJ has also been a star player in 3 undefeated outings in tag team competition. His first tag bout partnered with Spencer Reed was the last time NK offered a “live audience.” It seems the NK battlers were a little too encouraged to fight that much harder with a live audience, resulting in multiple injuries. Again in DJ’s tag outing with Spencer, Patrick Rouge drops out early in the second round with an injury. It should be noted, however, that even prior to Patrick’s injury DQ, Spencer and DJ were quite literally wiping the mats with the sweat soaked bodies of their opponents. And DJ got some sweet retribution in on his initiator, Dean Tucker, who found himself without his tag team partner and destined to get crushed and owned in round 4. The double team work performed by DJ and Spencer is, I believe, the most delightful double-teaming I’ve ever witnessed. Thoroughly, thoroughly, thoroughly delightful… particularly in working over Dean.

DJ & Spencer Reed v Dean Tucker & Patrick Rouge

There are a couple givens in a DJ match. First, his opponent will make a vaguely racist allusion to DJ’s dark kinky hair. I don’t actually know what DJ’s racial or ethnic heritage is, but frankly, referring to someone with wiry, curly hair as “a troll doll” (as most of his 18 opponents do!) is just unnecessary in my book. Perhaps that’s why I take such delight in DJ, more and more frequently lately, opening a can of whoop-ass on the cocky pale boys who can’t muster the appropriate level of respect for him in their pre-match interviews. As I’ve mentioned before, DJ is putting on more muscle, pound by pound, and he may still look “skinny,” but watch him muscle his way out of a tight spot on the mat and you’ll understand what I mean when I say this guy is one potently powerful little package!

Finally (for now), I just want to mention DJ’s tats. You know that classy, aesthetic tats are a major, major plus in my book. I love DJ’s tats. I’d love them in color even more, but the sunburst on his left pec and the fantastic turtle on his left shoulder are beautifully done. This is the quality of body artwork that makes me just one to reach out and lick it.

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