Contending with Joe

Joe at Ringside at Skull Island is very, very keen on BG East’s new release, Ringwars 19. Since I possess a preferential regard for both ring wrestling and Joe’s opinions, Ringwars 19 is instantly on my to-own list. Joe’s description of an early-career Alexi Adamov hanging from a rafter with his long, gorgeous thighs clamped around the head of Naughty Nick Naughton is sufficient to convince me that Ringwars is my kind of wrestling kink.
But now that the new releases are available for the masses to order, I’m feeling the need to contradict Joe. Perhaps less a contradiction than a contention, I’m feeling that if you own no other new release to emerge in 2011, you’ll want it to be Sunshine Shooters 4. Joe argues that all-time need-to-own would be Ringwars 19. It’s not that I doubt Joe’s tastes in the least. But I jumped on the Sunshine Shooters 4 wagon at the earliest possible moment, and was blown away. This release includes three matches that hold my attention and turn me on, non-stop. Most newsworthy for most, though, will be the fact that cover boy, Playboy model, and internet softcore it-boy, Z-Man Zack Vasquez, has dipped his foot in the deep end of the pool that is BG East wrestling.
I’ve had a love/hate (or at least a lust/antipathy) relationship with Z-Man for some time. Ever since I first saw him ham it up against Alexander years ago for Thunder’s Arena, I was both captivated by the Z-Man’s incredible physique and aggravated by his salesmanship. Following his progress with Thunder’s and in the early crop of matches with Rock Hard Wrestling, I’ve been adamantly proscribing a stern, merciless lesson in being introduced to actual pain in order wipe that irrepressible, smarmy, “this-is-all-play-acting” smirk off his truly beautiful face. I’ll marvel more about the details in a future post, but for now, let me just bow down to the perfectly tuned stylings of veteran Patrick Donovan who delivers exactly what the doctor ordered. 
Frankly, I suspected that bringing along the Z-Man could be a bit of a gamble for BG East. In my estimation, BG East’s strength is in their high quality, all-in wrestling, so a half-assed, smirking performance by even a Playboy model could be an embarrassing ding on BG East’s fine reputation. But the Boss rolled the dice and damn, did it pay off! The pacing and action here make me gasp. The wrestling is completely engaging and astonishingly hot. Patrick seriously beats on Z-Man with his fists in a way that totally satisfies me. The audible thumps followed quickly by Z-Man’s reflexive grunts are just about as stellar as the sight of the Z-Man’s gorgeous pecs and eight-pack abs turning bright red from the relentless assault. Z-Man (and Patrick, for that matter) has never looked more tasty, more toned, or in skimpier wrestling gear. Z-Man-addicts, and I know there are many of you, will find this bout simply fantastic. 
Next up, there’s Cole Cassidy and Tony Vencini working up a sheen of sweat that continually makes me press “pause.” Cole never disappoints me. This is my first Tony match, and he’s one big, solid brute of a battler. Their grappling is astonishingly high quality, with incredibly intense and relentless pacing that tires me out just watching it (for many reasons). But again, just like my assessment of Patrick and the Z-Man, I have to say that having adored Cole’s body many, many times before, he’s simply never looked more stunning, shiny, hard, and ripped to shreds, working incredibly hard against an accomplished and bigger boy. Another truly entertaining match.
Seriously, I’d pay money (but probably couldn’t afford) for Cole to slide my head between his devastating thighs and squeeze, and I’d tip him a whole lot extra to let me me reach up and squeeze those meaty pecs of his at the same time.
But as I mentioned a couple of days ago, I’m totally smitten with the amazing match-up of beefy bruiser Brook Stetson going muscle to muscle against my inaugural favorite homoerotic wrestling pornboy and regular fixture in my fondest wrestling fantasies, Mitch Colby. Like all the shoots in this collection, these boys (okay, I like the term boys, but in this case, I simply have to call these studs men), these men are working their asses off. Just as importantly, they work their singlets off and are both quickly coated in each other’s sweat. Something happens inside me though, when Brook hog ties Mitch’s wrists behind his back using Mitch’s own jock strap as bindings. Mitch’s beautiful ass is wedgied high and hard, and for the first time in this entire match, Mitch’s endless tenacity simply can’t keep him fighting against the overpowering behemoth. Brook is understated, but unmistakably pleased with his handiwork as he slides Mitch face-first high between his oak-tree thighs for an astonishing face-to-crotch, hands literally tied behind Mitch’s back, head scissor submission. Holy fuck.
That “something” that happens to me, by the way, is the completely out-of-the-blue return of Mitch to the top rankings of my favorite homoerotic wrestling pornboys. It was a brief tenure that DJ enjoyed as the top contender for the title, and I wouldn’t count DJ out of the running for long with the way he’s been tearing through the competition at Naked Kombat as of late, but Sunshine Shooters 4 unquestionably bears witness to a shocking assault from behind, in which Mitch manages to gorilla press DJ’s lightweight, ripped to shreds body over head, leave him hanging and gasping in shock and terror for an eternity, before tossing DJ right out of the ring, leaving Mitch the undisputed top contender staring down my reigning favorite homoerotic wrestling pornboy, Trent Diesel.
Perhaps I might think differently once I get a chance to enjoy Ringwars 19. Perhaps you might think differently with both products in hand and well-scrutinized. But I’ve just got to say, I suspect for many of us, if there’s no other new release we buy in 2011, we’d simply have to own Sunshine Shooters 4.

7 thoughts on “Contending with Joe

  1. Bring it on, Bard Boy! But even without your recommendation–which counts for A LOT, by the way (I've spent big bucks on your past recommendations–and know I can trust you)–my eye would be on Sunshine Shooters 4. I idolize Patrick Donovan, Cole Cassidy, and (by any name) Brook Stetson. These three stoke my fantasies, and the stills of them in SS4 look fantastic. Stetson v Colby looks like pure golden godhead jizz to me. I have to admit I am dubious about Zack–he's a huge handicap, as I see it, though I'd be an idiot not to admire that pretty torso of his. And knowing that Kid Leopard is behind him 100% gives me reason to pause, too.So you may be right and I may be wrong. But think twice before you throw down the gauntlet with me, pal. I may just show up on your doorstep with my copy of Ringwars 19 in hand–two videos enter the cage, only one walks away! And if there's still a tie, it's you and me, bro, mano a mano!

  2. I'm certain that it's a win-win all around, but the battle along the way sounds extremely hot and entertaining! Once we've both had a chance to appreciate both releases, we can decide if we'll need to clear away the furniture and see who, and who's pick, comes out on top.As for Zack, I completely agree with your doubts. I had them in abundance. I think he brings something uniquely genuine to his BGE debut, though, and Patrick's relentlessness may have been helpful in keeping the coverboy paying attention. Patrick does an absolutely masterful job of tenderizing Z's pecs like a master chef, with the evidence of the sincerity of his blows rising bright red across Zack's latte skin.

  3. Well, mutual admiration aside, I'd like to point out the obvious. The vast majority of Zack fans aren't dubious about his appeal, and haven't been waiting for a match to "prove" he's worth their money. You're right, Bard, in that the obvious shortcoming of his work for other companies has been the lack of technically efficient action. Holds aren't executed entirely accurately and are dropped too quickly or there isn't logical progression (as in, he'll take a powerbomb or huge clothesline and get up, but then he'll submit moments later to a very not-punishing looking leg lock). That's more a reflection of those companies than his own athleticism (when did the presumption in gay wrestling become if a worker has visible abdominal muscles, obviously honed muscles and smooth skin that he ISN'T an athlete?). People bought his following matches precisely because he's a worthy fantasy. He's the proverbial "untouchable" hunk who can be touched.His fans weren't hoping BGE would redeem him, but that BGE would take what they already liked about him and tighten it up. He'd still be cocky and gleefully flaunting his body, virtually provoking his opponent into greater aggression, but still the "victim." The action would finally be as compelling as the visual he provides. And they also hoped that, since BGE is open about the reality that they cater to gay wrestling fans while most of the other companies still walk that absurd, ambiguous line, that his gear would be more revealing and the moves and holds even more exposing.The obvious, most desired debut for Zman at BGE wouldn't have been recasting him as this game, "I want 'real' competition," stereotype, but would have been letting him be the smirking, "half-assed" performer you describe him to be, and "paying" for it, big time, in a ring, with half a dozen pins and screaming submissions at the hands of some infamously vicious brute en route to an ignominious defeat, followed by a nearly as long, additional beating couched in the terms of "That was business; this is personal" justification to a KO. Then, maybe they could have worked the angle that Zman now is all serious and ready to lift his game. That would have satisfied his fans AND maybe converted a few doubters like you and Joe. This match is clearly pitched exclusively to those who didn't already like him. And that's an odd starting point for any wrestler, let alone one who's already got a following.I don't know what happened, but at some point "quality wrestling" became exclusively about give and take and seeming actual engagement. What happened to the artistry of the squash job? What happened to build up? What happened to heels who are heels not because they can out wrestle every guy who's younger and in better physical condition, but because they're hard-asses who are jealous or petty or vindictive and mad at the world? What happened to taking accessible, understandable emotional/erotic reactions and making them bigger than life via the context of combat? I thought that was wrestling. That's what I'm not seeing. So when I see any company, but especially BGE, take basically the only wrestler on this so-called underground scene who's particularly known for those types of matches and recast him as anything but that, I worry…

  4. Having seen the match, I think it's surprisingly entertaining, and I was very much pleased to see that the Z-Man can both wrestle and commit. I really do enjoy the wrestling aspect of my wrestling kink, and I'm a fan of what BG East consistently produces because they don't necessarily do the obvious. I've seen Zack get squashed. I've never seen him really wrestle or take some actual blows to those muscles of his. This was an excellent translation of Zack, for my tastes.That many others may have different tastes is always a given. I hope that I never suggest that I somehow have omniscience about what all homoerotic wrestling kink consumers like or want or prefer. I don't think that my tastes are superior to anyone else's. I do have a strong suspicion that Zack fans and fans of wrestling will have plenty to enjoy here.

  5. I'm not suggesting that the Zack match isn't entertaining or that his fans won't enjoy it. Quite the opposite–I hope a thousand people buy it and love it. However, I am suggesting, if any company takes a well-known wrestler and openly alters what he's known for, right down to offering an elaborate backstory that's not entirely accurate, one shouldn't necessarily be surprised if fans don't applaud the change.

  6. Yeah, I still disagree with your premise, but I'm not really that invested in the debate. My point remains that Patrick and the Z-Man wrestled hot and hard, and I was very pleasantly surprised by what the Z-Man brought to the table.

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