Tats Named

So pull out your quiz and let’s review your answers:
Tat #1 belongs to…
…none other than BG East bread-n-butter himself, Brad Rochelle.
Brad Rochelle v Alexi Adamov & Bodie – BG Eat’s The Contract 7: Revenge of the Jobber

Specifically, Brad is shown here displaying that messed up psycho clown tattoo of his as he finishes off both Alexi Adamov and Bodie (both rookies here) at the same time for The Contract 7: Revenge of the Jobber. Brad is simply a classic homoerotic wrestling icon. If you don’t know him, click away from this site instantly and place your order for a Brad Rochelle feature at BG East. Seriously, if you don’t know Brad, you’re banned from finishing this post until you have ordered up some of what no one but Brad can deliver. Start with Brad’s epic introduction of Joshua Goodman (this was before you were required to address him as Mr. Joshua), when Josh was a green rookie. Or to fully understand the “revenge of the rookie” concept, check him out when he was writing the book on muscle jobbing, such as against Dom the Dominator in Demolition 3.

Don’t know this homoerotic wrestler? Stop here and go directly to BG East – Brad Rochelle.
Now on to tat #2
… which appears on on the rippled, hairy abs of Can-Am’s Jimmy Dean.

Jimmy Dean – Can-Am’s Border Thugz

Showing off his tummy tat, his smoking hot body with precisely the right amount of body hair, and classic Jimmy Dean ferocity, here he’s completely out wrestling Chris Cumberland (I believe) in Border Thugz. Jimmy started off his homoerotic wrestling career a lot smaller. Much more recently, he’s grown a whole lot bigger. But like Goldilocks, I’m partial to Jimmy right here in the middle, tatted up, thick and hairy, but still life-size and maneuverable. If you tell me that you have no recognition of Jimmy Dean, we need to enroll you in an intensive course of Homoerotic Wrestling 101: Icons of Homoerotic Wrestling. Your first assignment will be to sample the goods of Brad Rochelle and Jimmy Dean, and be able to identify every body part from any angle.

Then there’s tat #3, which belongs to…
…BG East’s Jonny Firestorm.
Specifically, in this case, it’s Jonny proudly flexing his tight, hard muscles as he squeezes the kidneys of Rico Rave in Demolition 12, a compilation which also stars the #1 contender for the title of my favorite homoerotic wrestler – non-pornboy division, Joshua Goodman. Jonny has a personality that fills the ring, which I credit with distracting me away from his fine tats. The back tat, the left shoulder, the left bicep all look like the fine and intricate work of an accomplished artist… like Jonny himself.

Tat #4 stumped everyone I heard from, which surprises me, because it belongs to…
…Thunder’s Arena’s STL.
STL v Big Sexy – Thunder’s Arena’s Bodybuilder Battle 20
So I don’t toss STL in the category of homoerotic wrestling icon, though I’d pay money to have a go at tossing him somewhere. He is, however, delightful to watch work up a sweat, and he’s liberally covered in tats, including several in particularly painful places to get tats (I’m talking about his inner bicep and lower arms!). Specifically, this pic of STL comes from a brief breather in his Bodybuilder Battle 20 against asstastic (and beautifully tatted, as well), Big Sexy. All that muscle… all that sweat… and not a bare ass in sight… something so wrong, something so right (okay, you do get to see some of Big Sexy’s ass as he ridiculously/delightfully attempts to wear way to small of trunks).
Tat #5 belongs to…
…BG East brute and muscle daddy, Joe Mazetti.
Joe Mazetti v Ricky Martin – BG East’s Demolition 7
In particular, Joe is here pictured pummeling the living crap out of the sweet pecs of beautiful jobber Ricky Martinez for Demolition 7. The juxtaposition of massively, thickly muscled Joe, born to bully and absolutely thrilled to dominate, with doe-in-the-headlights Ricky, all relatively slender, aesthetic lines and movie star good looks, is stunning casting. Joe is more the muscle beast in this match than possibly any other, with biceps bigger that Ricky’s neck. I wasn’t not looking for Joe when I first stumbled across him in Fantasymen 18, but he rocked me hard in his match against Derek D’Amore and made me an instant fan.

No one scored a perfect score on the quiz, so a pic of one of my tats once again goes unclaimed. There are some prime examples here, however, of staple homoerotic wrestling fare, so if you don’t recognize the tats, I recommend you study up on more of the beautiful work of these gorgeous wrestlers.

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