I’ll Buy That

Sex sells. At the very least, I’m buying whatever it is that Jared Prudoff is putting out there for consumption, all naked and gorgeous and making me helpless to resist my capitalist masters.

I have no idea what I’d do with a giant, oversized “hand”bag/suitcase. It’s not as if I’d ever use it. It wouldn’t even qualify for carry on luggage for the plane, would it?

Can I buy *that* Homme de Pouvoir handbag, specifically? The one that Jared is rubbing against his cock, that one? Promise me it has a little of Jared juice left over, and I’ll pay double. Have Jared deliver it on my doorstep dressed exactly like this, and I’ll max out my credit cards for it.

My gratitude to Homotrophy for pointing me in the direction of Jared’s Homme de Pouvoir campaign. Some readers may recognize Jared from his starring role in the Secretarial Pool auditions that I was posting this time last year, in which eight stunning male models competed for a seat at the table of my fictional homoerotic wrestling universe executive staff. Jared clawed, squeezed, pumped and stroked his way to victory in my wrestling kinked imagination to come out on top, literally and figuratively, and become the newest golden boy to help rule the world. Jared and his colleagues are back in my homoerotic wrestling fiction sights, with a new storyline for the secretarial pool currently in production. In the mean time, I’m happy to see that Jared and all his naked gorgeousness are riding high in this universe, as well.

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