Name That Gear

It was warm enough for short sleeves and shorts yesterday, so I was delayed in my weekly Name That post. The clouds have set in again, so I have renewed focus (and a sunburn). In cashing in his prizes as winner of last week’s Name That Cock quiz, Topher came up with an excellent suggestion for the theme for this week’s quiz: Name that Gear. Of course, there’s iconic gear that seems indelibly linked to one particular homoerotic wrestler. Think Brad Rochelle looking over his shoulder at the camera, his gorgeous glutes packed into trunks with the word “SPEEDO” stitched across the ass. So now that Brad’s off the table as a possible answer to this week’s quiz, here are some close ups of some other, perhaps less iconic, gear that I associate with one particular homoerotic wrestler or another. Just by way of hints, all of this gear shows up more than once, helping to build the association between the wrestler and the gear. So none of this week’s answers will be one-hit-wonders. Again, with all credit to Topher for the concept, let’s get down to business and play Name That Gear.

Gear #1:
If you’ve read Joe at Ringside at Skull Island recently, this is a gimme. Joe even has dibs on these trunks if ever he accepts the offer to wrestle this smart and gorgeous wrestler. I’m hoping that Joe not only accepts the offer to wrestler him, not only wears the trunks, but writes a tell-all for the rest of us to enjoy vicariously!
Gear #2:
Okay, so, true enough, you’ve probably seen these very gold lamay posing trunks on more than one fine, round white ass, but I will now and always associate them with this particular homoerotic wrestler… and his fine, round white ass. I believe he wore them four times, meaning he wrestled in other gear even more often, but I can’t quite conjure an image of this iconic homoerotic wrestler in my mind’s eye without him sporting these metallic golden trunks wedged up his stunning ass cheeks as he suffers.
Gear #3:
The fight gloves and headgear were a go-to device for this homoerotic wrestler punk. Like punching it into high gear, he would frequently whip out this gear at a particularly opportune time to get himself into the right frame of mind to put the demolishing, finishing touches on an opponent (like he did against the answer to question #2, above). In the match pictured here, the cocky stud hits a brick wall of muscle from another jock hunk in only his second of three lifetime homoerotic wrestling matches.
Gear #4:
Although this homoerotic wrestler most recently appeared in a different mask, up until that point, he was always sporting this colorful mask. I foster a running fantasy of this gorgeous hunk tied up, at my mercy, stripped and every muscle examined with adoring care (with the mask on).
Gear #5:
Again, unmistakable gear choice here. Impossible to miss, and damn brave, considering this homoerotic wrestler seemed perpetually to have trouble tying that knot tight enough to hold throughout a whole match. 
So guess the homoerotic wrestlers sporting the gear above, and if this is just all too simple for you, also identify the name of their opponents. Comment below or drop me an email to let me know how you did.

3 thoughts on “Name That Gear

  1. hi…i love your blog and was wondering what you and other people think of No Rules Wrestling? Some of the matches and wrestlers look hot.

  2. Thanks, mtwrestler! I was tracking No Rules for a while, but I haven't in a long time. I don't remember why… I think the production quality was low. But I do remember that many of them look hot. Do you follow them?

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