Name That Tat

Life is settling back on track for me after a burst of incredibly busy, yet productive activity. Now, with time to pay attention to the really important things, I’m happily posting more regularly again here. I even put some good time in on a fictional wrestling story for Producer’s Ring yesterday. For what I hope to be a more interactive angle on this blog, here’s a new Name That Tat quiz for you. On the scant evidence below, name the sexy homoerotic wrestlers who sport this ink. For extra credit, name the opponents they battled in these pics (there’s one trick question on that count). Run the board, and I’ll send you a close up of one of my own tats and laud your homoerotic wrestling expertise far and wide. Good luck, and let me know what you come up with.
Tat #1:
I could have sworn that I’d featured this tat in a prior Name That quiz, but I can’t seem to find it. So here’s a distinctive shoulder tat for a wrestler with lots of releases lately (in only one sense of the word). 6′ tall, 190 pounds (quite a bit of it dangling from right around halfway up). This pick comes from his most recent release (again, in only one sense of the word). 
Tat #2:
Another shoulder tat here. Bonus points if you can translate it… then again, I can’t translate it, so you can say just about anything and I’ll just have to believe you.  This 5’8″, 200 pound major league pornboy hunk has been swimming in the non-pornboy end of the homoerotic wrestling pool, other than a bit of nudity, as far as I can tell. I think he may never have looked hotter than in this particular match, in which his purple and yellow trunks just barely manage to do the bare minimum required of them, due to his astonishingly round, muscled bubble butt.

Tat #3:

Here’s another translation bonus for you (I do know the correct answer to this one). This is another wrestler with some recent releases to his credit. He’s a tasty, big boy treat (5’10” and 210 pounds of thick muscle everywhere). If he’d have been marketed as Jace Bradley’s “little” brother, I’d have totally bought it… but he appears not to be marketed that way in his recent debut on the scene. This match was his debut against another debuting, tatted muscle god.

Tat #4:

Continuing the theme of recent releases (in multiple senses of the word), this pair of delightful “stamps” are just beautiful, right at the tailbone above the striated muscle ass of this “big return” homoerotic wrestler. The only stat I can find for him is 8″, but I swear that’s not the most impressive measurement on this big, hard muscle boy. This match is, indeed, his “big return” to the homoerotic wrestling scene. Welcome back!

Tat #5:

On the other end of the chronological spectrum, this is a classic in all regards. Classic ink, classic homoerotic wrestler, classic hairy muscle hunk heel. I’m not finding his bio, so this one may be strictly for the seasoned experts out there. Trick is, I don’t know if there is an opponent that goes with this pic. It looks more like a promotional pick of the muscle stud, and his gear doesn’t quite seem to fit with any of the matches that I can find pics of him for. So, all in all, this seems like it could be particularly tricky for the novices is homoerotic wrestling fandom.

Good luck! I’ll post answers tomorrow.

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