Name That Ass

Jobberinnyc kicked ass in last week’s quiz… well, perhaps it’s closer to say that he slapped some cocks. This week we’re back to asses, though. Below are a few of my favorite things, and in particular, the gorgeous asses of homoerotic wrestlers. These 5 wrestlers grabbed my attention in large part on the strength of their beautiful glutes. There are some new infatuations and some long standing favorites, as well. Name the 5 homoerotic wrestlers below, and you get a gold star and an extra heaping helping of praise. Name all 5 wrestlers as well as all seven (yes, that’s a hint) opponents they faced in the photos below, and you will be certified as a homoerotic wrestling aficionado and be offered the opportunity to choose the topic for next week’s Name That quiz. Good luck, and let me know how you do.
Ass #1:
Stunningly handsome muscle hunk alert! 5’6″, 170 pounds, he takes on a much bigger muscle brute in this bout and astonishingly matches him pound for pound in brute strength. Every inch of his body is captivating, but that sweet, round ass on top of those thick thighs and at the base of that tiny waist leaves me wanting much, much more.

Ass #2:
This gorgeous surfer boy butt made this homoerotic wrestler an instant favorite of mine. 6’0″, 200 pounds, with an all-over, Southern California tan, he simply cannot wait to lose the trunks in his most recent match, from which this pic comes.
Ass #3:
I’ve been challenged for handing out the mantle of “classic” too generously, but screw it. It’s my blog, and so when I say this gorgeous muscle ass is classic, clearly it’s just my opinion. And my opinion is that this homoerotic wrestler was one of the very top tier most beautiful muscle boys in the business. I can find precious little on this hunk other than that he measured in at 5’9″ and 180 pounds and wrestled in 6 products (well, two of them only loosely count as wrestling in my book). His filmography is just far to brief, but I love every minute of him on screen.
Ass #4:
This homoerotic wrestler took me by surprise. I wasn’t expecting to be quite so turned on by him, but not only is the ass here sincerely squeezable, his snarling, sneering attitude and sadistic delight in dominating is crazy hot. 5’11”, 168 pounds, he’s no ripped muscle stud, and he simply doesn’t need to be, because his wrestling and his sell (and that accent!) makes all sorts of things pump harder within me.
Ass #5:
5’11” and 180 pounds, the homoerotic wrestler wrapped up so beautifully here has a permanent place in the pantheon of my fantasy wrestlers. He only wrestled twice, as far as I know (please, please tell me where else I can find more of his work), which probably accounts for the fact that I’ve never mentioned him around these parts before. But that oversight is happily about to be corrected. He had movie star good looks, perfect proportions, a smile that brings me to my knees, and an enthusiasm for his ring wrestling performances that makes up for any lack of polish. With a body and a face so stunning, you only need one name.
Send me your answers or post them in the comments below. Feel free to work together. This is an open-notes quiz. Good luck, and you may begin…

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