Planes, trains and automobiles…

I’ve been posting sparsely this week because I’ve been traveling… a lot. I’ve spent quality time in 6 airports and 2 train stations in the past 8 days. The bad news is that my opportunities to post new material here have been limited by jet lag and spotty internet access. The good news is that I’ve enjoyed spotting countless summer hunks worshipping the sunshine with a dearth of skin coverage.

I love travel particularly for the opportunity it brings to widen my gaze. While I haven’t conceptualized this post as part of this summer’s “Diverse Tastes” series, my thoughts turn to how much I appreciate hunk watching outside my own familiar haunts. It’s inspiring to get a taste of the fashions, hairstyles, races and ethnicities, strides and swaggers that I just don’t see in my neighborhood. Hell, I even saw several studs making skinny jeans look hot, and I honestly never thought that was possible.

I had one brush with fame. Sadly, it wasn’t Alexander Skargård at the airport. I’ll just say it was a Torchwood hunk whose ass features prominently in one very fond scene.

Planes, trains and automobiles. Boats and trams. Beaches and High Streets. Parks and stadiums. With an eye for hunk-spotting, getting there is at least half the fun.

I have more travel coming up, which may disrupt my posting schedule further. However, I think I’ll have  dependable internet access and at least a little disposable time to keep neverland a summer destination for you to see and be seen.

Wherever the season finds you (and I realize some readers of this blog are in the middle of winter), I hope that you’re blessed with an abundance of beautiful men, arousing wrestling, a little of exactly what you want, and a lot of what you didn’t even know you wanted until you found it.

Safe travels!

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