Eagle-eyed neverland reader, D.S., wins a Connect-the-Dots Award for spotting one of my current favorite wrestlers under another alias. D.S. tells me that he confirmed the double-identity by checking the tats. Indeed, they match, and indeed, D.S. rocks for giving me the heads up!
I’ve gotten in trouble in the past before for sleuthing out the full-monty versions of homoerotic wrestlers who’ve kept their kit on for the wrestling audience. Well, to be entirely fair, I haven’t exactly gotten “in trouble.” I have, though, been contacted by very gracious wrestlers asking very politely to remove my links and pics of their more risque sidelines for one reason or another. And for the record, I’m happy to do so, particularly when the wrestling hunks in question are such gentlemen about it.
So if the wrestler in question were to find it more advantageous for these truly awesome shots of him to be removed from neverland… well, let’s just say an autographed photo of him with a personal inscription to me, would most likely result in his wish being granted. Is that blackmail? I sincerely don’t intend it to be so.  I hold homoerotic wrestlers in the highest regard, and the pages of this blog are intended solely to promote the finest of their work with the best of intentions. So, should this page at some point in the future suddenly display photos of puppy dogs, you’ll know that I got a message from a certain wrestling stud extraordinaire (and, quite possibly, it may mean that I now own an autographed photo).

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