Rookie Delight

For quite a while, I was harping relentlessly around here about the problems of overexposure and recycling across the homoerotic wrestling industry. It seemed like every month there were multiple releases from competing producers featuring the same wrestlers, sometimes even facing the same opponents! While the phenomenon of migration from company to company has continued, it seems to me to be less in our faces lately. And I’m always delighted by the debut of new rookies. Thankfully, there’s been a lot of fresh meat on camera lately making my mouth water.

Naked Kombat rookie: Ethan Hudson
Case in point: yesterday’s new release from Naked Kombat introducing me to the big, big boy from Chicago, Ethan Hudson. Ethan debuts for NK against a veteran buzzsaw in Tyler Saint. Tyler is a freak of nature.  I swear he’s got to be a cyborg sent from the future to crush and destroy all pornboys who get the way of his mission to capture and enslave my cock. This man has more squared edges than a cheap Ikea coffee table. He’s hard as a rock with a center of gravity that appears to hover somewhere around his ankles. I’ve seen Tyler in action several times before, and yet again, the sight of him made me gasp when I saw him yesterday, looking every bit like the love child of Arnold and Dolph, square off against baby bull rookie Ethan.
Tyler Saint – Sent from the future to capture Bard’s cock.
From a distance, I didn’t peg Ethan as a wrestler who’d really capture my attention, particularly not standing inches away from the likes of the GMO that is Tyler Saint. But damn it all if I wasn’t completely taken in by the seriously hefty slice of beef that is NK rookie Ethan Hudson.
Tyler Saint locks up with rookie Ethan Hudson – Naked Kombat 8-17-11
He’s not pretty. He’s not exactly handsome (again, particularly not next to the inhumanly square jaw and blond buzz cut of Tyler). Ethan sports astonishing thickness, particularly his torso… and his legs… and his arms… and his neck…, but he doesn’t have the classic proportions and lines that (I’m not ashamed to say it) frequently speak to me. But whatever is that he’s not, there’s one thing that he is, without question: turning me on!
Ethan gets his ass handed to him by Tyler (and this being NK, I mean that literally). But for a big boy rookie, Ethan clocks in an incredibly intense 3 rounds of ferocious grappling. If he were fighting anyone other than a cyborg, he’d have crushed him like a grape, I have to think. But even clearly outmatched, Ethan’s performance is amazing. He spends way too much time riding Tyler’s back. Now, normally I wouldn’t suggest that riding your opponent’s back could be overdone, but in this case, it gets Ethan exactly nowhere. With his incredibly thick legs wrapped around Tyler’s waist, Ethan valiantly twists and bucks and yanks on his opponent to force him off his hands and knees and take him to the mat. But this is Arnold’s mini-me we’re talking about. All of those gymnastics happening on his back seem to go completely unnoticed by Tyler. It’s like the man is made out of lead! And unfortunately, Ethan seems to not have a deep arsenal to draw from to try a different tack.
But it’s incredibly entertaining and deeply arousing to watch the rookie never say die from start to finish! It’s like watching him drive his head into a brick wall over and over again. At some point, you figure he’s got to just stop and say, “This is fucking impossible!” But he doesn’t, and he doesn’t just roll over and take it from the man-machine fighting him. He just keeps working that astonishingly beautiful bubble butt of his until the end of round 3 when the ref need hardly state the obvious: Tyler wins, and it’s not close.
But the score does not capture the drama, and it particularly doesn’t describe the very finely tuned wrestling kink that Ethan strums inside of me.  My fervent prayer is that someone gives this fearless baby bull some formal training, and then they toss him back onto the mat with a mere mortal this time. I predict he could seriously fuck up some cocky, ripped hunk who may have grown a little complacent and taken for granted his incredibly loyal fan base.  I’m just saying… there’s a homoerotic wresting pornboy favorite who’s failed to fully hold my attention lately, and some fresh, fierce, solid as a rock rookie could very easily score an upset both on the mats and in my rankings.
Welcome to the homoerotic wrestling family, Ethan! It’s truly my pleasure to make your acquaintance!

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