Do not let it be said that I don’t follow through on my promises. Okay, well, so I’m sure there are promises that, it could be said that I’ve not followed through on. But I’m happy to point to this latest evidence that I do have the capacity to follow through. It was the middle of December when I posted the Werewolf Rumble in the Producer’s Ring, detailing the fictional three-way homoerotic wrestling match between werewolf heart throbs Joe Manganiello, Russell Tovey, and Taylor Lautner. Almost instantly there were calls from several regular readers registering their desire (to put it diplomatically) for Taylor to appear in a 1-on-1 match. Oh, and yeah, they were also pretty unanimous that Taylor’ hot, tight ass ought to be on the line.
So it took me quite a while, but I’ve just posted what I’ve referred to in the Producer’s Ring group as Taylor’s first big boy match. I’ve mentioned to the chorus pulling for another Taylor match that, curiously I’ll admit, I’m not a huge fan of his. I can clearly see the appeal, of course. He bulked up to a freakish level while still jailbait. A washboard 8-pack, defined pecs, broad shoulders and veiny biceps are typically a formula for capturing my homoerotic wrestling imagination. All that said, there’s just something that doesn’t entirely inspire me. So the concept of me writing a homoerotic wrestling match for him was destined for two things: 1) it was going to take me a long time to complete as my attention wandered over the intervening months, and 2) Taylor’s sweet ass was most certainly going to be in serious jeopardy. A major stumbling block to getting off the dime on this text was deciding what opponent could carry my lustful attention and pose the precise challenge that Mr. Lautner needed to face.
After considering several potential opponents, even having a false start with one of them, I settled upon a return to the Producer’s Ring Focus Group for a man who has never failed to inspire my homoerotic wrestling imagination: Hugh Jackman. The muscle mass he put on for the last X-Men movie was absolutely jaw dropping. He also provides nice contrasts to Taylor when it comes to several angles that I have a particular fondness for… youth versus maturity, smooth versus hairy, small versus big, rookie versus veteran…
As always, my homoerotic wrestling fiction is available to those who sign onto the Producer’s Ring group. There are no fees or costs associated with signing on – just your attestation that you enjoy homoerotic wrestling (and by implication, aren’t a spammer/hater). I don’t want to spoil anything for those who want to sit down with an admittedly long short story detailing how Taylor’s determination to take the entertainment industrial complex by storm ends up putting him pec-to-pec with the likes of big, bad, beautiful Hugh. As with all of the Focus Group matches in the Producer’s Ring, it should come as no surprise that this one features nude wrestling pretty much from start to finish. The stakes are higher in this match than most, however, so those who were pleading to read a fuck-or-get-fucked match starring barely legal Taylor, I’m hoping your lustful desires will be satisfied.

I’ve got an angle that I’m eager to write for the superhero series in the Sidelineland group next, along with the part 2 of the latest chapter in the Wrestle Club series, not to mention another story that’s already sketched out between me and Metellus for the Producer’s Ring Secretarial Pool. No promises on when they’ll get written. But I’m feeling confident in saying that they will get written. Thanks for you patience, inspiration, and feedback, everyone!

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  1. Hey alex, I think the quick answer is: because google can't leave well enough alone." G required that everything other than "discussions" be migrated to a "google site" late last year. So all the materials that were on the group page were archived until last month. Now, it appears, they've even removed the text from the welcome page.However, I did migrate all the materials to a google site, so if you have a group membership, you can click through to the site and browse the fiction. I included a link directly to the story in the Producer's Ring group post yesterday. Sorry for the confusion… technology can be a pain in the ass.

  2. I just have to say Bard, I absolutely loved the match and your writing skils! Keep up the great work! I'll be waiting to read the rest of your works! Hopefully I'll be able to see Taylor not too long from now. Any idea of who will be your main guys in your next matches?

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