Life Imitating Art Imitating Life…

Almost exactly 1 week after I posted my latest fictional homoerotic wrestling match, in which Hugh Jackman unloads a can of whoopass (and just unloads) on babybadboy wannabe Taylor Lautner, Hugh Jackman apparently appeared on WWE and unloaded a punch onto some bleach blond WWE boy in “real” life!

My imagination has been casting Hugh in wrestling action for a couple of years now, but I honestly never imagined that the Aussie would ever actually appear ringside and get in the action. Apparently the whole thing, including the PR stunt afterward in which the bleach blond boy reported that Hugh had fractured his jaw, was one massive product placement for Hugh’s new big screen release, Real Steel. The premise, I gather, is that Hugh character is a washed up boxer who ends up training a robot boxer in the sci fi world of the future.  It’s a kid-buddy movie with a cheesy premise and lots of scripted pseudo-violence… therefore there was no better situation in which to drop the product placement than WWE.

Whatever my ambivalence about WWE and mainstream straight pro wrestling, I’m completely stoked by Hugh being game to appear in a high profile wrestling venue in the pursuit of its promotional value. Who do I need to fuck to get Hugh’s next movie to feature him as a male stripper recruited into the world of underground gay wrestling videos, in which he gets his ass kicked (a lot!) early on, but he perseveres in the biz until he’s built legitimate wrestling credibility and does a major heel turn into a seriously sadistic, ball bashing bastard who learns to seriously love destroying an opponent and then working out a geyser of passion across his opponent’s beaten body?

Cause that most excellent movie concept would REQUIRE an appearance in the next homoerotic wrestling video in order to promote the flick to its true audience (you and I). I’m committing myself here and now to see that movie in the theaters at least 10 times, and then buy two copies of the DVD release. Who’s with me?

Short of that, the sight of ripped hard hunk Hugh in the ring beside an overtanned wrestling hottie will almost certainly inspire another appearance of Hugh in my homoerotic wrestling imagination!

One thought on “Life Imitating Art Imitating Life…

  1. With financial limitations requiring that I turn to televised professional wrestling, I was happy to see that Hugh was working with Zack Ryder and Dolph Ziggler, two favorites of mine, and of course horribly under-utilized.

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