Name That Ass

I’m pretty certain that no one, but no one, loves a good game of Name That Ass nearly as much as I. Despite that fact, and in honor of the beginning of another school year, here’s a brand new quiz with the  invigorating smell of mimeograph still clinging to the page. Your reward for being the first to name all 5 of the following asses, as well as their opponents in the matches pictured, will earn you top marks, the right to pick the next Name That quiz genre, and elevation alongside of Topher as the only students to run the board in a Name That quiz. I think relatively novice homoerotic wrestling fans should get a couple of these glorious glutes. Well-versed fanatics will likely get 3 or 4. It’s the seriously obsessive homoerotic wrestling fanatical nerd who will name them all and recognize their opponents. Let’s hear from you, fellow nerds!…
Ass #1:
If you’ve ever seen these muscled buttocks, the image has remained seared in your brain. And if you’re at all like me, they’ve popped up with some frequency in sex fantasies. Everything about this man is distinctive, and I, for one, would recognize that ass anywhere!
Ass #2:
That, my friends, is a tasty ass! Doesn’t that just scream out for a severe tongue lashing?! His opponents (hint, hint) for this match lashed him with a whole boatload of other methods, but not their tongues, sadly.
Ass #3:

Don’t recognize this ass? For shame! The owner of this ass has already been guaranteed a spot in this blog’s favorite moments of the year wrap up that I do as the clock ticks down on each calendar year.
Ass #4:

Just look at those perfectly round glutes! This entry leaves a little more of a “classic” taste on the palate, so relatively old school homoerotic wrestling fans may have a leg up in identifying this beautiful piece of ass. I think it’s an expert, indeed, who can name his opponent as well!
Ass #5:

To quote Maggie Smith (which I do often), “Yummy, yummy, yummy!” This close up is a work of art, I think, and the inspiration to yank so brutally on those fluorescent trunks is pure genius. Whether you can name this ass or not, I think we should all be able to agree that just taking some time to linger on the image is reward enough. My guess (I’m often wrong) is that this will be the toughest item on today’s quiz, separating the boys from the men. I’m hopeful that I’ll hear from some men who can put their finger on the identity of these simply gorgeous, shiny glutes.

So welcome back to school, everyone! I hope to hear from you all what sexy wrestling adventures you got up to over the summer break. And even if you can’t name all of the asses above, feel free to submit your work (single-spaced, 1″ margins) in the comments below, to let us know how far you got. You may begin…

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