Cleaning House – 2012

Return visitors will notice that I took the opportunity to remodel around here just a titch. My New Year’s ritual involves a facelift around neverland, along with cleaning out a few broken links, correcting misspelled labels, painting the walls. My other routine is taking advantage of some hunky help to do the chores and make the work a little more like play.

After a sloppy night of over-doing it on New Year’s Eve, it was Daniel’s fine ass nominating itself to get put to work and worked on to kick off my New Year right. I put the hunky muscle model to work cleaning up the kitchen first, where his alcohol-induced mania went nuts with the baking supplies the night before.

I have to admit, the hot Aussie works as enthusiastically as he plays. The handsome muscle boy quickly got on his knees, wiping up flour from underneath every appliance. I, on the other hand, was awfully distracted by Daniel’s gorgeous muscle ass in nothing but his briefs. I spent a good deal of yesterday just leaning on my broom and studying the Aussie’s butt swaying back and forth as he scrubbed so diligently.

I’ve got a soft spot for a hot hunk with an accent (relative to my own flat West Coast U.S. dialect). That soft spot, in turn, tends to inspire a hard spot in my pants, particularly when a party-hearty muscle stud pulls out the furniture polish and rambles on good-naturedly, calling me “mate.”

Daniel is a fastidious house cleaner, my friends, and that’s incredibly arousing in a devastatingly handsome physique star. By the time he fished the vacuum cleaner out of the closet and began scaring the dog, hoovering every inch of my place and working up a fresh, musky sweat, I was done with cleaning.  It was time for me to get good and dirty.

For a hunk so skilled at cleaning, it was a little surprising (and very exciting) to discover what a dirty fighter Daniel is! We pushed the furniture against the walls in the living room to give us a bit of room. I had just pushed the piano bench under the piano when I felt a massive bicep slide across the front of my throat like a boa constrictor. The bitch tried to apply a sneak attack rear choke!

Now, Daniel is about 5 inches taller and a good 35 pounds heavier than I am, so I’m not ashamed to say that I worked up a sweat just blocking his opening attack. I managed to slide the fingers of both hands between my throat and his bicep, and with considerable effort kept my brain supplied with both blood and air. His lightly hairy, powerful pecs pressed distractingly into my shoulder blades. And my spirit nearly broke when I felt the brush of his lips against my right ear, whispering, “How does that feel, mate?”

I slipped my right fingers out from underneath his bicep and quickly jabbed my elbow backward into the pretty boy’s abdomen. Now, you might guess with abs like his my elbow would’ve bounced off harmlessly. But mighty Daniel is a little bit of a sloppy grappler, and the elbow caught him off guard. With his six-pack relatively relaxed, my blow sunk in. The unexpected pain shoved the air out of the Aussie’s lungs and loosened his hold across my throat. With both our bodies already lubricated with sweat, I slipped free entirely.

Face to face with the Aussie hunk, I could see the fading vestiges of pain evaporating from his face as he grinned sadistically. “Australian rules, mate,” he growled. “Meaning: there are no rules!” He reached for the back of my neck with both hands. His puckered lips were quickly approaching my own surprised mouth. And then, shockingly, I kid you not: the bitch kneed me in the balls!

It was a choice blow, my friends. I dropped to my knees with sparks of electric pain filling my vision. By the time my sight cleared, the Aussie was pulling my face into his bulging crotch. He dragged my nose in a slow, humiliating circle all around his groin. Having me at his mercy, on my knees and pressed against him was quite obviously making Daniel all sorts of happy. And I will not lie, despite the ache stretching up my lower abdomen from my bashed balls, there was for quite a while no other place I’d rather be in the world!  I began working on the big Aussie’s rod with my lips and mouth through the fabric of his briefs. My oral offensive had the desired effect. Daniel was swelling harder and groaning louder by the second. When I began tugging his briefs down, he put up no fight at all. He just stared down at me like I was brunch as I slid the fabric down his thick, hairy thighs.

What Daniel had yet to learn was that, when necessary, I can play dirty, too. I gave his golf balls a quick jab with my left fist that made him double over, clutching his crotch. With my right hand, I shoved his forehead backward with all my strength, sending him dropping to his ass, his mouth gaping wide in shocked pain. I quickly tied his ankles together with the damp fabric of his briefs and then spun across his body to sit squarely across his face, facing his luscious, sweaty, naked body.

Those pecs… holy fuck! You knew those pecs were going to get some special attention before long, now didn’t you? I reigned down fists into that beefy chest so long that my fingers started to get numb. The Aussie’s pecs flexed rock hard at first, deflecting the blows, but even quality beef like his will get tenderized sooner or later. His muffled groans underneath my ass grew louder as his pecs grew softer, my knuckles digging deeper and deeper into the bouncing flesh. He tried to lift his knees defensively, but with his ankles tied together, his powerful legs were relatively easy to swat away harmlessly. When I suddenly dug my claws in deep, prying at the much more than handful’s of quivering muscle, Daniel’s hips lunged off the floor. He bridged high, his big Aussie cock flopping from side to side. With all that temptation so near at hand, I had no choice but to release my left clawhold on his pec and grab the python writhing desperately from the base of his crotch.

Daniel almost instantly began to grow hard in my grasp. Good God, that man’s cock is every inch as stunning as every inch of the rest of him!  When my fingers and thumb could no longer quite touch wrapped around his beer can, I completely lost my concentration. My right hand, as if of a mind of its own, joined my left hand in double-fisting the work of art. His hips began thrusting in time with my strokes. It felt like I was part of a very well (sweat) lubricated sex machine. I had absolutely no thought in mind other than the desperate desire to see that jackhammer explode.

With no other thought in my mind, it’s no wonder that the remarkable Aussie was able to dislodge me from his face and send me sliding across the floor. He was on his feet, kicking his briefs off from his ankles, and bending over me before I knew it. His stellar erection swayed like a ship’s mast directly over head. Muscling me off the floor, I was shocked by his power. He smoothly hooked his right arm between my legs and had me racked across his  broad, beautiful shoulders helplessly. Damn, the boy can apply some expert pain! My lower back was in agony as he yanked down hard on my chin and ankles, bending me like rubber around the back of his neck.

He began talking to me in that gorgeous accent again. Even as he was torturing my back, he told me about wrestling his mates as he grew up. With all that power completely controlling me, it wasn’t hard to believe him when he said that it took three of his mates working on him at one time to make him submit. I gasped in shock as he bounced me up and over his head suddenly. I fell for what seemed like an eternity before the small of my back landed with a crunch, bent backward across the Aussie’s outstretched leg. The agony was exquisite. He slid his left hand into my trunks to give my fully erect cock a playful squeeze. Everything hurt so bad. Everything felt so good!

Daniel decisively turned the tables on my New Year’s plans yesterday. He played me like a pipe organ, crushing, twisting, clawing and pounding every inch of me. I don’t remember when my trunks came off, but it was definitely sometime before the Boston crab, because I distinctly remember Daniel’s transition to a single leg so that he could reach down and claw my naked testicles with his free hand. He could’ve ended it pretty much anytime after that over-the-knee backbreaker, but like the high class houseguest he is, he milked it for over an hour.  He’d pause for a breather every so often, checking to see if I’d had enough yet. Hell, no. Then he’d be back on me with renewed ferocity, burying my face in his pecs, then between his knees, then squeezed high up between his thighs with nothing in my sight except his gorgeous round glutes. I was well past the point of exhaustion, but nowhere near ready to bring this exquisite beating to an end, when I felt his hairy pecs press against my shoulder blades once again and that right arm squeeze across my throat like a boa constrictor one more time. Ah, fuck! I thought. All this fun was, without a doubt, about to come to an end. Sweat poured off my brow and onto his bicep as he squeezed precisely, sliding his bicep to the right of my windpipe and pressing it against my carotid artery. The last thing I remember was the raging heat of his body pressed against my back as he lowered me to my knees.

I woke up some indeterminate time later in bed, staring into Daniel’s milky green eyes. “Happy New Year, mate!” he said with a devilish grin as he slapped my ass. “Let’s get cleaned up,” he whispered. “We both need a shower!”

So things did not go the way I planned for New Year’s day. A hot hunk with hairy pits and pornstar pecs caught me completely by surprise. And truth be told, in retrospect, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I think this is going to be a year of getting upended, blindsided, having my plans tossed out the window. And if Daniel taught me anything yesterday, he taught me that sometimes that may be the best thing in the world.

Happy New Year, mate.

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