Shane’s Big Break continues

A little over a year ago, reader and contributor Bearhugs sent me a challenge. He started writing a fictional piece about professional wrestling. It starred a couple of high school buddies a few years out of high school. The “main” character is Shane. After learning that it’s all downhill after being the star quarterback in high school, he’s back in town. He’s not exactly long on brains, but he’s got balls to spare.  When he sees his old high school chum Neil at the gym, he hits him up for a little career starter.
Shane thinks he’s ready for action.
Seems that Neil had made quite a name for himself in the local professional wrestling operation since graduation. He’d always been on the wrestling team in school, but he’d committed himself like a maniac to making the transition to the pros. He’s a massive muscle beast. He’s sculpted and smart. And he’s an occasional headliner on the local card. Unfortunately for Neil, he’s a headliner as the local face-chump who’s endlessly featured in one storyline after another in which nasty heels use all their dirty tricks to overcome his physical superiority and humiliate him for the rubes in the seats. Shane has seen Neil on the local TV broadcast of the wrestling show, getting his big, muscle ass kicked back and forth across the ring. It doesn’t look so tough to Shane. Maybe his old high school buddy will pull some strings for him to get him a shot in the ring? Who knows, with Shane’s past as the local hero star quarterback, maybe he could generate a little income for himself to live on.
Neil’s got brains, brawn, and tons of ambition
Little did Shane know that Neil was about 3 steps ahead of him. He arranges to introduce Shane to the wrestling audience the next weekly broadcast. They plan a friendly romp, with big Neil showing Shane the ropes and giving him the welcome that a rookie deserves. But Neil’s got much, much bigger plans in store for Shane. He beats the living shit of his “old buddy.” Neil uses the opportunity to make a monumental heel turn, absolutely crushing Shane brutally as the crowds in the stands turn on the big bully.
Mikey: Shane’s Savior?
That’s where Bearhugs handed the bit over to me. It was a challenge I just couldn’t resist. I wrote “part 2” of Shane’s Big Break, in which Neil introduces Shane to the after-party, where High Rollers with deep pockets get their own show after the masses have left the building. What happens when the High Rollers start laying down cash is completely up to them. Neil’s heel turn has ignited their imaginations, and they pay good money to see Shane fucked up, both figuratively and literally, in a made-to-order, full contact, full frontal assault.  I’d intended the story to stop there, but the characters sort of stayed with me, and before I knew it, there was a part 3 of Shane’s Big Break, in which he decides the allure of a paycheck is worth the risk of a repeat of his nasty humiliations the week before. He shows up for a second week and faces off with savvy lightweight hottie and former champion, Mikey. As per arrangement, Shane cements himself as the sympathetic, heroic fan favorite by besting Mikey. However, Neil interrupts his celebration, charging the ring and laying a beat down on the both of them. 
Just a couple days ago, I posted part 4 of Shane’s Big Break, in which the High Rollers put in an order for a heaping helping of all three studs. Shane is terrified that he’s about to get fucked raw again, but Mikey, the savvy veteran, may be Shane’s saving grace. It’s all up to the High Rollers, of course, but between the force of will of big, muscle freak Neil and lean, mean lightweight Mikey, who would you prefer to see climb on top and pound out some back room homoerotic domination?
These and many more stories penned by me and others can be found at the Sidelineland group site. I’m always pleading for more of the hundreds of group members to submit a little of their own original work, so get off your asses and send me some hot wrestling fantasy fresh from your kinked imagination!

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