Wrestling Romance – Valentines Day Winners

Skip Vance & Christian Taylor – Sexy Showdown 6: Sexier

With 57% of the vote, Skip Vance and Christian Taylor spanked the shit out of the competition in the neverland poll to crown a Mr. & Mr. Valentines Day Wrestling Couple! I strongly suspect a couple of contributing factors to this absolute romp in the outcome.

Skip watches the agony he’s inflicting contort his lover’s face.

1) My mention that Skip has acknowledged on his Facebook page that he and Christian have been real life lovers for over 6 years definitely pulled at quite a few heart strings.  Kid Leopard himself participated in the poll, commenting that despite having a front row seat to all of the very worthy nominees and finding them all fantastically hot and inspiring, his heart would permit him to vote for no one but the lean, sultry, sexy combination of Skip and Christian.

Who hasn’t imagined delivering a pile driver on their
boyfriend at one time or another?

2) It has to be said that Skip’s self-promotion on Facebook could have easily contributed to the crushing victory that he and his beau delivered over all of the other nominees. Others may think of this as a little under-the-table manipulation of the voting process. I, however, think that exploiting your social networks to influence homoerotic wrestling polls is nothing short of brilliant! I’ve seen both Skip and Christian stoop to much more nefarious means to gain the upper hand in a wrestling match, and I’ve loved every single nasty short cut along the way. It is fantasy/pro/homoerotic wrestling, after all!

Skip applies the wedgie and a sharp, cracking slap across
Christian’s ass

I wish there was something more tangible that I could award to these two sweethearts, other than the proverbial crowns as Mr. and Mr. Valentines Day Wrestling Couple. Both of these lovely boys have fantastically hot wrestling resumes. Christian has appeared in 11 matches for BG East (including a self-titled twinks fest), and he’s currently starring opposite muscle stud and rising stock Jake Jenkins in Wet and Wild 6.

Christian grabs his opponent/lover’s hair and shoves Skip’s face
into his crotch, with a crotch class thrown in for kicks.

Skip has put that hot, hard body of his on the line in 9 matches to date for BG East, including some matches that frequently recur in my viewing line up like Masked Mayhem 8 and a truly breathtaking battering he took from the professor himself, Jonny Firestorm, in Submissions 8: Lessons from A to Z. And like his beau, Skip is a headliner in the current BG East catalog, grabbing quite a bit more than a handful of the massive bulge of gorgeous rookie Dylon Roberts in Crotch Crushers 2.

Christian likes the feel of Skip in a front face lock.

I have to wonder what it’s like to be such prolific homoerotic wrestlers and maintain a primary relationship with one another. Do they get to watch each other’s matches live? If so, do they find that the hot grinding and pounding and making out with third parties turn up the heat in their own wrestling and love making sessions at home? Is it ever a cause for jealousy to have Angelo Blanco’s tongue down your throat or Mike Martin’s hand squeezing your ass (or cock)? Come to think of it, Mike Martin has made both Skip and Christian seriously hot and horny. Good God, I hope that taping was topped off with a 3-way bedroom battle followed by passionate love making all around.

Christian watches helplessly as his lover is trapped in the ropes and
brutalized by ripped meanie, Tyler Reeves

And finally, this brings me back to another recurring them: the tag team partner lovers. I’ve got this recurring, haunting fantasy of another lovers tag team face off, and Skip and Christian seem like perfect stars. Now we’ve seen these two team up twice for Rock Hard Wrestling (as Jeff Hollister and Chris Cox) against the muscle hunk team of Tyler Reeves & Max Powers, and then double-teaming pec-a-licious Cody Nelson as payback for his beating up of both Christian and Skip in singles competition, but RHW stays this side of explicitly erotic as a rule, referring to the boys as “buddies.”  My fantasy, I’m thinking, would need to be produced by BG East to really get the full-on spirit of the story. Preferably, they should wrestle (in the ring) against another pair of lovers, and the sweatier and nastier the action, the more turned on the teams get. Can’t you picture Christian straddling some poor, lucky bastard who’s just screamed a gasping submission, quickly followed by Skip diving into the ring and stroking his lover’s hot body and planting celebratory kisses on him while the loser has to watch from his back beneath them? Or, let’s face it with Skip’s record, the entirely possible scenario of poor Skip getting crushed (so, so sweetly), as their opponent’s celebrate amorously while Christian cradles his lover’s dazed head in his hands and defends him valiantly from further abuse.

Christian spares nothing in nearly ripping his boyfriend’s
head off!

In any case, I don’t think the readers could have done any better than award a crushing, overwhelming, blow out victory for the homoerotic wrestling couple who totally redeem Valentines Day for me: Skip Vance and Christian Taylor!

Christian Taylor and Skip Vance: Mr. and Mr. Valentines Day Wrestling Couple

One thought on “Wrestling Romance – Valentines Day Winners

  1. This is, without a doubt, the reason why I have a wrestling fetish. Every point you wrote here is spot on, including the tag team fantasy you set up. I'm bookmarking this for those days where I start to question why I like homoerotic wrestling so much.

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