Reader’s Choice Poll – From the Hall of Fame

I feel a little like Don Quixote, battling with the windmills that Google places in my way. You don’t see it happening, but I’ve been driven nearly crazy over the last several days struggling with Blogger. Every time there’s an “upgrade” in Blogger, for some reason blogging becomes more difficult. Ah, progress! I’ll keep jousting with our Google overlords to try to keep this homoerotic wrestling engine running. In the mean time, it’s time for the monthly reader’s poll. In the navbar to the right, you’ll see a new page link for the Homoerotic Wrestler of the Month Hall of Fame. Mostly to keep them all straight in my own mind, I’ve compiled the official list of all the prior (and current) wrestlers-of-the-month here at neverland.  On the one hand, the exercise of creating the page was mindblowingly infuriating because of Blogger graphics bullshit. On the other, it was quite titillating, thumbing through the highlights of the stars of recent releases over the past two and a half years.  It’s a who’s-who of the boys currently wrestling who get my blood rushing. There are some standouts who have also risen to the elite status of overall favorites, like Trent Diesel, Rusty Stevens, Kid Karisma, Mitch Colby, and Lon Dumont. There’s one, and only one, two-time title holder who I’m missing like CRAZY since Naked Kombat when belly-up. There was the one month that I couldn’t decide between opponents Brook Stetson and Mitch, so they both won the title locked in one lusty, long-held sweaty embrace for all posterity.  There’s rookie Landon Mycles, the only wrestler of the month to take the title with his debut wrestling match. There are cocks-out pornboys like Trent and Landon as well as DJ, Rex Braddock, and Aryx Quinn. Several wrestlers with clear amateur wrestling credential populate the Hall of Fame, like Denny Cartier, Jonny Firestorm, Jake Jenkins, and Eli Black. And there are plenty of indy pro ringmasters working that magic that works me so hard in the ring, like Bobby Horton, Jonny, and Lon. The vast majority of the Hall of Famers so far have been white, but a few smoking hot wrestlers of color have made the list, like Lucas Payne (multi-racial, I believe), ZMan (rumor is, Latino), and Charlie Panther (black and beautiful).

So this walk down memory lane made me think what a good idea it would have been to have a “wrestler of the year” award. Perhaps I’ll think of it next December to pull it off for 2012 (somebody remind me). In the mean time, I’m opening up a reader’s poll for you to pick who among the current 20 Hall of Famers is the hottest homoerotic wrestler in the bunch. Month by month, I picked these boys based primarily on their performances in new releases. But for this poll, feel free to give a nod to the wrestler whose whole body of work (or just his body) gets your juices flowing the most.  It’s a little of an odd exercise, since you’re being asked to choose your favorite from among the list of my favorites (no write-ins this poll). But I’m an odd guy, and if I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times that this blog is unabashedly about me and my tastes first and foremost. So vote at the right. I’ll leave the poll up for a couple of days for you to consider your choice carefully. You can explain your reasoning, if you’d like, in the comment section below.

Row 1: Trent Diesel, Bobby Horton, Enforcer, Landon Mycles
Row 2: Trent Diesel, Denny Cartier, DJ, Ace Hanson
Row 3: Brook and Mitch, Lucas Payne, Jonny Firestorm, Jake Jenkins
Row 4: Kid Karisma, Rusty Stevens, Z-Man, Aryx Quinn
Row 5: Lon Dumont, Rex Braddock, Eli Black, Charlie Panther

13 thoughts on “Reader’s Choice Poll – From the Hall of Fame

  1. Had to go for Brook. He just stands out so much (to me at least) from the other contenders."Go for Brook" would be a good Brook Stetson t-shirt. 'Cause it kind of sounds like "Go for broke." Nah, nevermind. I haven't made a fortune off of t-shirt ideas.

  2. I originally clicked on Jonny…and then wanted Jake…and then decided I wanted to vote for half of the list! perhaps I need some more time to think it through. Tough/great idea Bard!!

  3. Of course one of the best is missng from the list and that is me. (Mr. Blkmuscles aka Darius BGEast)But since I couldn't add my name I checked off that cocky punk Firestorm. He is someone that I will meet in the ring and destroy.

  4. Darius! I cannot wait to see you in more matches, and I have no doubt you'll be busting into the hall of fame soon. How the hell did skinny Jayden Mayne take you out in The Great Outdoors!? I fully expected you to crush him like a grape between your massive pecs!

  5. With BG you can expect the unexpected in their matches. There is still 3 more of my matches that they have to release, not sure when. Also hoping to do some more matches this summer.

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