Getting it Right… Mostly

Christian Taylor sits back and enjoys the waning hours of being reigning
homoerotic wrestler of the month.

I’ve been angling for a interview with reigning (for another day) homoerotic wrestler of the month, Christian Taylor (aka, Chris Cox).  I’ve never had any contact with said wrestling hunk, however. I have enjoyed the opportunity to correspond with Skip Vance (aka Jeff Hollister), Christian’s boyfriend.  Now, I consider it bad manners to use a guy’s boyfriend to deliver a message to him. That said, when I named Christian as homoerotic wrestler of the month, I decided to be blatantly rude and do just that. I asked Skip if Christian had anything he’d be willing to say on the record here on this blog about his status as HWOTM.

Skip Vance gives me the time of day!

While Skip hasn’t won the title of homoerotic wrestler of the month (yet), he’s an incredibly sexy and astonishingly prolific jobber in his own right who’s appeared a dozen times already in posts on this blog. An opportunity to quote him on these pages would be a get I’d be awfully proud of as well. So I also asked Skip if he had any thoughts about his boyfriend being named homoerotic wrestler of the month.  No word from Christian, but Skip, who seems always to be up for just about anything (damn, that’s hot!), shared some of his thoughts on the subject.

Christian fuels regular workouts with meals lovingly
prepared by Skip.

“That’s awesome,” Skip responded. “It’s nice dating a star [lol].  He works out hard every week and stays in great shape year round. He really enjoys me making him dinner since you never know what’s in other people’s food they cook. He lives for fun and good health.”

“…very confident but a little shy”
Skip went on to let me know how close to the mark I came in my attempt at a psychological profile of Christian.  “So, after reading the article I have to say you got it right mostly,” Skip explains.  “He is always working to make his body better. He is very confident but a little shy. He loves to be outdoors, and if we’re not wrestling, we’re getting ready just in case there is a last minute match. BG East is not just a paycheck for him.  It’s the love of wrestling.”
Skip & Christian are wrestling, or training to wrestle,
Reading between the lines, it seems to me Skip is suggesting that I’m on the money when I speculated that Christian is “in the fold” of those of us tuned into the eroticism of wrestling. Clearly, neither Christian or Skip is punching the clock when they show up on camera slamming and getting slammed and working up a bucket and a half of sweat as they grapple. That the two of them are pretty much always wrestling or training for their next match is my idea of the most perfect homoerotic wrestling romance in history. Again, reading between the lines, I’m guessing where I only got it “mostly” right may be in my completely baseless speculation that Christian might have some (completely unfounded) insecurity about his own body. Skip clarifies that his lovely, long lover is “very confident but a little shy.” Hot damn, that’s a hot combination! And with looks and a wrestling resume like his, it’s no wonder I was on thin ice to suggest that he may not be fully aware of the extent of just how sexy he is.  I happily stand corrected, and to set the record straight, let me clarify that I think that a little shyness paired with a steely self-confidence and pride in having a smoking hot body is definitely the sexiest thing on earth.
Christian’s sexy and he knows it!

As we prepare to say “adieu” for now to Christian Taylor as homoerotic wrestler of the month, let me just make two last clarifications. 1) Skip Vance is absolutely a homoerotic wrestling star in his own right. My asking for a quote from him reflecting on Christian’s mounting the monthly throne was in no way to suggest that Skip is anything less than one of the sexiest screamers in homoerotic wrestling. He’s got a devilish playfulness about him that’s irresistible, and pound for pound, I’m guessing Skip has taken more punishment than almost anybody currently in the business. Add to that the fact that Skip responded to my request for a quote today, and you’ve got one hard-bodied jobber at the top of my list of “friends of neverland.”  And clarification 2), I know full well that my incessant speculation about what’s unstated about the homoerotic wrestlers who populate my playlists is likely often entirely off-base. And if ever, (ever) the subject of my wild speculation wants to set the record straight by taking a few questions to satisfy my prurient interests, all he needs to do is drop me a line anytime.

Practice makes perfect!

Love ya both, boys! Thanks for sharing all the fun!

One thought on “Getting it Right… Mostly

  1. Great interview (as usual)! Always cool to get insight from the guys themselves. All the best to Skip and Christian… such an adorable couple.

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