The Plot Thickens

While I’ve been on hiatus, Alex has been diligently continuing to produce some of the best written homoerotic wrestling fiction I’ve ever read! Earlier today I posted his latest chapter in The Cave series, in which we catch a glimpse of the complex mind and hidden motivations of The Bat’s version of Alfred, aka Ryan.

Chapter 1 left us all curious as to Ryan’s backstory and, potentially, his “front” story as the drama in The Cave continues to unfold. First, we get a first hand account of a behind doors scene from chapter 1, in we discover just what went down between Ryan and ripped Riddler nasty boy, Josh.

Chapter 2, however, not only gives us the highly provocative details of the altercation between Ryan and Josh, but a full-on wrestling fantasy match starring one of the hottest torsos I think I’ve ever seen (attached to a terribly pretty hunk who goes by Max). Max is one tough son of a bitch, and the combination of vicious heel and painfully pretty muscleman is one guaranteed to get my heart pumping!

Cody, aka “The Bat,” appears to have a blind date with destiny. He seems to have no idea what’s waiting for him around the corner, but thanks to Alex, we can start to guess just how villainous the drama is about to turn for one cloaked superhero with a super-sized cock. I’m aching with anticipation!

For this series and others written by an assortment of talented homoerotic wrestling fiction contributors, and to contribute your own, sign up for the Sidelineland group.

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