Snake Bite

While I’ve been out of commission and swimming in corrugate, Alex has continued to perfect his craft by writing a new installment in his highly acclaimed American Wrestling League (AWL) series for the Sidelineland wrestling fiction group.  Alex’ character Danny Chase generated a lot of buzz when he debuted in an earlier AWL match, so I anticipate a lot of interest in seeing Danny back in the ring, especially when regular readers learn that this new work, “Snake Bite,” is another “side hustle” match in the Men’s Wrestling Alliance (matches billed for those with your and my tastes in mind).

In over 3 years, I’m pretty sure I’ve posted about my frequent kink for big vs. small wrestling. Alex dishes up a delightfully deviated differential between Daring Danny and his unexpected opponent at MWA, Snake.

I’m not as certain whether I’ve waxed poetic about my occasional fetish for erotic shower scenes, but that’s also an element in Snake Bite that worked me hard when I read Alex’ new work. There’s something powerfully intimate and, when done right, a perfect extension of the eroticism of dominance and humiliation when wrestlers slap down their junk and measuring tapes in the ring and then finish up cementing the pecking order together in the shower. There’s just something about soap, lather, water sheeting and streaming over muscles, that become a short cut to my arousal. Set within that context the drama of hard fought wrestlers who’ve pounded out their rivalry in the ring, and it turns absolutely golden. Sprinkle in the fact that said ring rivalry is also a grudge match, and I’m breathlessly soaking in a second (or third) wave of satisfaction with locker room scenes like the one Alex serves up in this story.

Need I say it again? No, but I’m happy to repeat myself: Alex’ writing is superb. His description of the action is seamless and beautifully paced. His characters haunt me for days after I first read them. We’re incredibly fortunate to get to enjoy what Alex is writing.  On behalf of Alex and me, let me just remind you that now it’s your turn! Get to putting your homoerotic wrestling imagination to good use (other than working yourself into a quivering mess), and put word to page to share with the rest of us at Sidelineland!

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