Crisis of Faith

Steel Muscle God breaks his opponent soon.
“Come on, guy. Let’s see if you can break me soon. Try to snap me!” The English is just a little dodgy, but Steel Muscle God’s opponent manages to communicate loud and clear. To start chapter 4 of his backbreaker series with SMG, the smart-assed skinny guy slaps down an indefensible challenge. This is Steel Muscle God, buddy! You’re a mere mortal. Of course he’s going to snap you… soon!  

SMG’s spine snapping torture rack makes his opponent’s toes curl
SMG looks incredible, of course.  The backbreaker series demonstrates some of the sexiest aspects of homoerotic wrestling. SMG’s gorgeous physique flexes powerfully, stretches beautifully, bulges perfectly. The body, the voice, the supremely confident, domineering, humiliating domination… I continue to maintain that SMG has an intimate and intuitive understanding of homoerotic wrestling kink.  This 4th chapter of back abuse on skinny loudmouth punk means that members on SMG’s site can see 75 minutes of delightful Steel Muscle God domination dished out all over this guy’s lucky body.  And as I’ve mentioned before, his skinny opponent has a surprising certain something about him as well. I’ve already noted that his taunting, kamikaze verbal challenges both make me laugh and turn me on in anticipation of what SMG will have to do to mete out divine retribution. Watching more of this “match” (aka, mauling), I also noticed that the skinny lamb-to-slaughter also has a delightful way of flexing and curling his toes just when SMG is pouring on the back torture the hardest. Wrapped around that divine neck, he hangs limp and helpless. But when SMG pulls hard on his leg and throat, bending him around his neck in a way that a human body just wasn’t meant to bend, the skinny punk’s toes start squirming, poignantly punctuating his helpless agony. The boy is hurting, and even his toes can’t hide it!
Just try to take your eyes off of those divine thighs!

SMG repeatedly points out to the outmatched punk in chapter 4 the magnificent muscles that made this match a mission impossible for the mere mortal from minute one. He points at the flexing, bulging head on his left quad, demanding that his audacious opponent look, marvel, contemplate the perfection in front of him.

You can look, but don’t touch without divine permission!

As if he can’t restrain himself (I’m with you there, buddy!), the mere mortal reaches out, slack jawed, to stroke the divine, flexing beef in front of him. Over and over, SMG slaps his hand away in disgust. You don’t just reach out and grab divine muscles like this. You have to be found worthy to worship that body. Speaking of, I think it’s about time somebody was found worthy!  If there was someone destined to star in a Wrestle Worship match, it’s Steel Muscle God. I can think of a few opponents that I’d like to see him face in a wrestling match with body worship stakes. I’m first in line. My second choice?

Darius is eager to feel the steel!

Darius commented on my last post about SMG, breaking the news that he’s been in contact with SMG and they’re trying to work out the details for the two of them to meet for a match when SMG visits the US this summer.  This strikes me as a potentially epic pairing of two of the sexiest wrestling musclebodies to be found! Just thinking about them trading rib crushing bear hugs and crotch-to-face head scissors makes me pop! If they sell tickets, I’d like to buy three, because I’m going to have to spread out, and this is going to get really, really messy.

Steel Muscle God swings a lead pipe

In my interview with SMG this spring, he declared his commitment and delight to please his fans. Whether it’s rounding up a friend and convincing him to get crushed, twisted, and humiliated on camera, or if it’s working his divine steel muscle rod into a raging sledge hammer, he’s not about to shrink from doing what it takes to satisfy his worshipful fans.

Time to see ALL of these steel muscles in wrestling action!

This fan, for one, is aching to see SMG go toe-to-toe and cock-to-cock with a homoerotic wrestling hunk like handsome muscleman Darius!  I’ve watched Darius in action, and I wouldn’t dare to presume who would wring out the first or the final grunting, humbling submission. But I can’t help myself but picture post-match extra curriculars that include SMG schoolboy pinning Darius’ mountainous deltoids, grabbing his steel muscle rod in both hands, and cranking out a beautiful shower of ecstasy while Darius strokes SMG’s luscious pecs and pinches his nipples. This is my hope and prayer. Now I will sit back and wait to see if there is a god.

5 thoughts on “Crisis of Faith

  1. Thanks, as always, for recording SMG's dodgy English verbatim–so important to his character. And, yes, SMG versus Darius, would be epic!

  2. WOW,the thought of SMG straddling my chest and pinning my shoulders down is very hot. But don't overlook that it could be me schoolboy pinning the muscle man down,as he rubs my smooth sweaty muscled pecs. Yeah as I would be stroking my massive rod.

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