Re-Writing My Fantasies

Do you read the comments to this blog? You should. Sometimes the hottest, most interesting stuff happens there! For example, when I recently waxed poetic again about the allure of Steel Muscle God in wrestling action, Darius of BG East fame commented that he and SMG are trying to arrange a rendezvous to compare scissor holds!  Sweet!!!

Darius has plans for the Steel Muscle God

Compelled by this tidbit, I repeated the rumor in a subsequent post last Friday. I also described a personal fantasy that this inspired, in which SMG has Darius in a schoolboy pin, stroking his gorgeous cock hovering over Darius’ face while Darius grabs a couple of luscious handfuls of SMG’s beautiful pecs. Again, Darius responded, assuring me of the real possibility that he might very well be the hunk on top of that schoolboy pin rather than the other way around.  In that case, Darius promised he’d be the one stroking his “massive rod.” To drive home the point that his cock easily merits the starring role in my homoerotic wrestling fantasies, he sent me some pics (with permission to post) to hint at what things would look like with SMG flat on his back, palming Darius’ mountainous pecs, with Darius’ rod pumped hard and exploding in victorious ecstasy!

Darius might require an extra pair of hands to tame that python! Yes, I’m volunteering.

YOWZA! Does that require a concealed weapon permit, because Darius is packing major league heat!?

Is this the view SMG would see staring up at a victorious Darius?

If SMG finds himself conquered and staring up at that beast, even the godly one will have to admit that’s nothing short of divine! Someone has got to capture that moment on a digital recorder, package it up, empty my wallet, and send it to me pronto, regardless of which of these fantasymen ends up flat on his back. It’s a win-win-win as far as I’m concerned!

Reach up and feel the power of those pecs flexing in the palms of your hands!

I’m delighted, humbled, and titillated that Darius reads and comments on neverland. Adding fuel to the fire of my insatiable homoerotic wrestling imagination does nothing but skyrocket this fantastic muscle warrior up the line-up of wrestlers who I want to see showing up in my mailbox and who will most definitely be appearing in a wrestling fantasy in my mind soon and often!

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