I’ll Buy That

Here’s a winning formula to sell gear: photographer Tom Cullis, underwear designs by Timoteo, and two hot, sweaty muscle models in wrestling singlets. Sold!
Justin James and Dan Von Houtz, photographed by Tom Cullis for Timoteo

I count this as eye-catching evidence of my long-time thesis that homoerotic wrestling kink has a secure place in mainstream marketing. Timoteo clearly aims to appeal to the likes of you and me, but I have to conclude that hot wrestling images like these are calculated to speak to a broader audience as well.  The number of people with a particular kink for the homoeroticism of wrestling frequently surprises me. There are a whole lot of us! But I don’t think our numbers on their own justify marketing campaigns with solely us in the cross hairs.

Dan Von Houtz locks on a muscle flexing armbar, but Justin James doesn’t look to concerned.

The tall dark and tattooed muscleman on the left, above, is reported to be Justin James. A quick scan of his twitter feed suggests that Justin is a 26 year old alpha dog who works out a lot. He doesn’t have a ton of shots in his portfolio yet, but in the hands and in the eye of a homoerotic genius like Tom Cullis, surely we should see more of this tall, dark and handsome hunk.

Justin cops a feel of Dan’s quad, while Dan struggles to control the power of  Justin’s slick, flexing python

The blond grappler in blue is reported to go by the name Dan Von Houtz. With such a distinctive name (outside of Holland), I’m surprised to be unable to find anything else about the sweaty, sexy musclebeast, but a cursory search nets me nothing but disappointment. Get this man a model mayhem portfolio and a starring role in a homoerotic wrestling match, pronto!  The thick, low hanging heads on his quads alone guarantee him a fierce following.

When the singlet straps come down and the headgear comes off, a test of strength gives way to intense, deep, lustful stares and let’s-finish-this-in-the-locker-room smirks.

The sight of Justin James and Dan Von Houtz testing each other’s muscles and clearly enjoying the feel of each other’s sweaty bodies reminds me that I’m about halfway through writing a new fictional wrestling match in the Secretarial Pool series in the Producer’s Ring. This is a novel new venture for me. I’m trading stories with another author, each of us having provided the cast of characters and a rough outline to get a story going, and then handing off our unformed fantasy to each other to finish. As with all of the Secretarial Pool matches, it features hunks who are male models in this universe, and male models in this universe always inhabit the highest levels of corporate power and intrigue in the Producer’s Ring universe. It’s nice to be writing again, and it’s awesome to be collaborating with other writers!

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