More Olympic Spirit

The crowds have already fled London, not the crowds of homoerotic wrestling fans in my imagination.  we’re back in the Olympic stadium again, as I imagine the competition that really counts for fans of hot, hardbodied, horny wrestling action…

Jamaica’s Usain Bolt – 6’5″, 210 lbs., 25 y/o

Usain “Lightening” Bolt sprints across the track and into the infield with a sense of destiny at his back.  The Jamaican sprinter was long ago dubbed the world’s fastest man.  In the track and field athletes’ wrestling ring, however gold has been harder for the world star to come by.  He has the attitude, the competitive drive, the will to dominate, and the raw power to make most any man submit, particularly when trapped between those world famous thighs.  But he’s been plagued with bad luck that’s kept the wrestling gold just out of reach.  The Bolt PR machine has been pumping out the propaganda for months leading up to this contest, though, convincing the world stage and especially his competitors that he’s unstoppable this time around. Oiled from head to toe, the ripped stud climbs into the ring wearing green and yellow speedos.

China’s Liu Xiang – 6’2″, 190 lbs., 29 y/o

Jogging across the track and into the infield behind him is Chinese mega-star hurdler Lui Xiang, wearing his signature red running shorts slit along the outsides up to his waistband.  Long and lanky, Xiang has stunned the world of wrestling track and field athletes for the past 4 years, not only winning gold at the highest levels of competition, but permanently crippling more than one opponent along the way.  He makes even the muscle men from the throwing events experience a shiver of fear when they draw him as an opponent.  If Usain has a claim to destiny, it will have to come through defeating the pride of China. Before Liu has finished climbing through the ropes, Usain is on top of him.  Forearms to the back drop the Chinese hunk to his hands and knees.  Kicks to his side topple him to the mat.  In a flash, Usain climbs up the corner turnbuckles to pump his fists in the air, already celebrating. The celebration is premature, however.  By the time he’s done grandstanding and hops back down to the mat, Liu has gathered his wits and swept Usain’s legs.  Liu delivers a barrage of elbow strikes, punches, knee drops and even a headbutt into the sprinter’s rock hard 6-pack abs.  Usain tries to capture the dangerous Chinese hurdler in his steel trap legs, but Liu wisely steers clear of the Jamaican’s infamous thighs.  Smoothly he scoops up the tall Jamaican in his arms and drops his lower back across his thigh, holding him in the OTK backbreaker in order to drive elbow strikes into Usain’s gut and throttle the Jamaican’s balls.  Picking him up off his thigh, Liu quickly drives his back down again, allowing the Jamaican to bounce off and tumble to the mat.  Liu takes a punch to the gut when he rolls his opponent to his back, but the desperate blow bounces off relatively harmlessly.  Grabbing hold of the Jamaican by the ears and pounding the back of his head into the mat a half a dozen times completely rattles Usain’s cage and leaves his head spinning as his opponent climbs back to his feet.  Lifting the Jamaican’s right ankle off the mat, Liu begins stomping vicious heel strikes into the inside of his knee, clearly intending to add Usain to the long list of world class athletes crippled by the devastating Chinese hunk.  Agony contorts Usain’s face as he reaches toward his quivering knee. Liu smacks his hands away and spits in his face.  Pinning the leg to the mat, Liu kicks his feet upward and bring is right knee swinging, crashing down into the side of the Jamaican’s throbbing knee.  Another quick handstand and knee drop makes Usain’s body jerk and spasm.  The stadium grows hushed, anticipating whether the Jamaican will submit before he suffers permanent damage.  A third handstand from Liu, as he prepares to drop the crippling blow to the vulnerable knee… but something goes terribly wrong.  His hands slide off of the Jamaican’s liberally oiled thigh.  Liu crashes to the mat on his chin, making the Chinese juggernaut see stars.  Just like that, the Jamaican steel trap falls, capturing Liu’s torso between the astonishingly long, devastatingly powerful, sculpted thighs of the Jamaican superstar.  Usain laces his ankles together and leans back on his elbows.  The crowd is hushed in astonishment.  Unbelievably, the Chinese legend screams in agony, but doesn’t submit.  Usain arches his back, adding a fraction more pressure to his body scissors. A long, anguished wail rises like a siren from Liu’s gaping mouth.  Usain licks his lips hungrily, watching his opponent pushed beyond human endurance between his crushing thighs.  Suddenly, Liu’s face twists. He gags and then coughs, blood spewing from his mouth.  Not only has Usain cracked his rib, he’s apparently punctured his lung.  The Chinese star slaps the mat in submission, gasping, gurgling, “give-give-give-give!”  In a flash, the Jamaican is on his feet, fists pumped in the air.  Before the medics can reach Liu, Usain stomps his right heel into the man’s broken rib cage, just making certain that he won’t be back in the ring anytime soon.

German Discus Champ Robert Harting – 6’7″, 280 lbs., 27 y/o

The sight of the biggest man in the competition sprinting into the infield brings the crowds to their feet.  Blond German giant Robert Harting is an astonishingly tall mountain of muscle.  Roaring at the crowd in the center of the ring, the superhuman discus thrower rips his shirt to shreds, pumping his bulging muscles and driving the homoerotic wrestling fans insane.  The pre-match shirt ripping is legend for the German powerhouse, and it’s also well known that if there’s one thing Robert can’t stand more than wrestling in a shirt, it’s leaving an opponent anything but butt naked and trembling in fear.  Once the shirt is shredded, the massive mountain of muscle wears nothing but his black square cut trunks molded to his massive muscle glutes and tree trunk thighs.

 Norwegian Javelin Thrower Andreas Thorkildsen – 6’2″, 200 lbs., 30 y/o

Norway’s Andreas Thorkildsen strolls cautiously across the track toward the ring, watching the freakishly huge German titillate the crowd by flexing his mountainous muscles.  The stunningly handsome javelin thrower is layered in thick, powerful muscle.  His gorgeous glutes are suction packed into skin tight red and blue pro trunks.  His body is gorgeously tan; his broad, meaty pecs bounce as he strides toward the ring. Although he’s massively built and incredibly strong, even the mighty Norwegian is dwarfed by the German beast standing nearly a half a foot taller and 80 pounds heavier. Based on nothing but numbers, things look bleak for the beautiful Norwegian.  Numbers, however, never win wrestling matches.  As they approach one another in the center of the ring, the big German looks like he’s moving in slow motion when Andreas lands a kick to his gut, twists him around by the neck and drops to the mat, slamming the back of the big German’s head into Andreas’ powerful shoulder.  Robert lands flat on his back, his limbs twitching.  Confidently, the handsome Norwegian pins his right shoulder to the mat with is knee and his left shoulder with both hands, lowering his crotch across the German’s dazed face.  “EN!” he shouts, slapping his palm to the mat.  “To!” he counts, slapping the mat again.  “T-” he doesn’t quite finish the count, and well before he slaps the mat a third time, the German muscle beast shoves his opponent off of him so hard that Andreas lands five feet away, flat on his ass.  The Norwegian beats his opponent to his feet easily, however, and before Robert can push himself off his hands and knees, Andreas shoves his hand between the big man’s legs from behind and grabs hold of the German bull’s balls.  With his free hand, he grabs Robert’s thinning blond hair at the back of his head, and astonishingly he drags the muscle man crawling around the ring humiliatingly. Positioning him near a corner, the Norwegian quickly climbs to the top turnbuckle, leaps high and drops his right knee into the small of his massive opponent’s back.  Robert’s hips slam into the mat.  More stomps and knee drops demonstrate Andreas’ world class focus as he pounds the German’s back relentlessly as minutes tick by.  The handsome Norwegian’s tanned muscles glisten with sweat when he finally steps back, hands on hips, and assesses the damage.  He catches his breath as he watches Robert slowly drag his massive shoulders off the mat. The giant German is clearly dazed, using the ropes to pull himself up to his knees.  Once he’s kneeling, facing the corner, Andreas pounces.  He wraps his left arm across his opponent’s throat from behind, grasping his right bicep in his left hand for leverage.  Like a boa constrictor, the javelin thrower flexes and squeezes tighter and tighter, pressing his bulging bicep squarely into Robert’s throat.  The stands begin to pepper with shouts of encouragement, evenly divided between cheers for the Norwegian coverboy and pleas for the German beast to escape.  Andreas’ smooth, tan arm is a stark contrast against the pale German’s blond five o’clock shadow.  Andreas cracks a grin, feeling the captured power of the muscle monster in his clutches.  The grin fades to shock when suddenly Robert shifts, pulling his right knee off the mat and placing his foot underneath him.  The crowds scream with excitement when Robert’s massive frame shifts again, and he jerks his giant body up to both feet, lunging low with the powerful javelin thrower clamped tightly to his throat.  Andreas struggles to squeeze harder on his rear choke, but the German’s neck is just too thick and corded with muscle.  The stadium gasps in awe as Robert slowly muscles his way upward, finally standing erect and lifting his opponent off his feet.  The Norwegian grows desperate, digging his knees into the big man’s kidneys, releasing the choke, and beginning to pound his right fist furiously into the German’s temple.  Robert lumberingly turns his back to the corner and takes two quick steps backward, pounding Andreas’ lower back into the top turnbuckle and crushing the handsome Norwegian with is mountainous body.  Like an avalanche, there’s no turning Robert’s momentum once he begins to build up a head of steam.  A shoulder block into the corner folds Andreas up so tightly that his gorgeous ass bangs into the ring post.  The powerful German scoops him up in a fireman’s carry over one shoulder, sprints across the ring and drives Andreas’ lower back into the turnbuckle, once again using his 280 pounds to flatten his opponent.  Three shocking one-armed choke slams see the Norwegian lifted off his feet by his throat, hung in mid-air in a stunning display of power, and then bashed on his upper back into the mat.  Andreas isn’t moving after the third choke slam, flat on his back.  Robert bends over him, straddling his legs, and peels off the red and blue trunks. It’s his signature move.  He’s stripped a dozen world class athletes naked in the ring, but even the jaded German giant seems seriously appreciative of the gorgeous body beneath him, sweat glistening in the stadium lights.  The otherwise tanned beauty is starkly pale underneath his bikini line.  Coiffed dark curls surround a beautiful, thick penis resting across the Norwegian’s massive right thigh.  The German kneels between his opponent’s legs and lifts Andreas’ knees off the mat. Rolling the handsome hunk up, he slowly lowers his hips as Andreas’ feet are pressed to the mat next to his head.  Perfectly mimicking a muscle pounding fuck, Robert flexes his ass and grinds his crotch against Andreas’ hole.  “Eins!” the mighty German pounds the palm of his right hand down to the mat.  “Zwei!” he pounds the mat again.  “Drei!” he counts his handsome opponent out of medal contention.  Climbing to his feet, he places his right foot on Andreas’ powerful pecs and flexes his right bicep for his adoring fans, holding his vanquished opponent’s trunks overhead in his other hand.

Before Liu Xiang hit the international track and field scene, track stars were just fodder for the throwing giants in the homoerotic wrestling ring.  Put a monster hammer thrower in the ring with a sprinter (or worse yet, a marathoner), and the runners used to seldom manage to even make it close.  But Liu Xiang has tamed all-comers over the past 4 years. He’d even severely sprained Robert Harting’s knee at the world championships just a year ago.  But with Liu out of the gold medal match, it’s anyone’s guess as to whether Usain can pick up the track star mantle, or whether the pendulum is about to swing back to the crushing power of the discus champ.

When the fastest man in the world sprints into the infield and dives into the ring, the crowd roars.  His ebony body shines with a fresh coat of baby oil.  He wears his yellow speedos, and he acknowledges the lauds from the stadium by pumping a “#1” sign over head.

The roar from the stands grows louder when the German mountain of muscle jogs into the infield and climbs through the ropes, instantly ripping to shred the fresh track shirt he’s donned for the occasion.  The muscleman is back in his black square cuts.  Usain is just a couple inches shorter, but at 70 pounds lighter, the Jamaican looks stick thin in comparison.  Robert quickly closes the distance, pursuing the sprinter to get the action moving, but Usain swiftly ducks out of reach.  The discus champ spends a full minute chasing the Jamaican around the ring, always two steps too slow to manage to catch him.  Robert’s frustration grows with the game of cat and mouse.  He stumbles, leaning his forearms against the ropes where a half a second earlier his opponent was standing.  A lightening fast heel to the back of Robert’s right knee drops the big man to his knees.  The Jamaican requires two sharp pulls on the German’s right ankle to finally pull the massive man’s legs out from underneath him.  Robert tumbles forward, his chest hanging from the bottom rope.  Usain suddenly plants his right foot on the German’s muscled ass and his hands on the top rope. He leaps high over the top rope and falls for what seems like forever, finally driving both feet into the back of his opponent’s head and smashing Robert’s face into the ring apron.  Dropping to the infield below, Usain pries the German’s face off the canvas to reveal that he’s crushed Robert’s nose into a bloody pulp.  The discus champ’s face is covered in red.  Usain pries his head up off the mat by his ears and then slams his shattered nose back to the canvas.  Swiftly diving back into the ring, sliding underneath the bottom rope, Usain struggles to drag the German’s mighty carcass by the ankles back into the center of the ring.  Finally positioning him just so, Usain climbs the turnbuckles, turning to face the ring with his feet poised on the top ropes next to the corner.  He waits as the crowd screeches.  He waits as Robert drags his upper body off the mat.  He waits as the German manages to climb up to one foot, and then both feet, blood streaming from his chin down across his mountainous pecs.  When he turns, searching for his opponent, Usain leaps, stretching his long, lean body horizontally to the mat.  Usain’s right foot lands squarely across the smashed septum of the German, while his left foot catches the big man in the throat.  Usain lands on his side with a thud, quickly crouching to assess the damage he’s managed to inflict.  Robert is stumbling backward, but he reaches the ropes and rights himself.  Like lightening, the fastest man in the world bounces off the ropes on the opposite side and sprint into another flying drop kick, this time landing both feet squarely in the center of Robert’s chest.  Again, the German stumbles backward, but uses the rope to prevent himself from going down.  As he Robert pushes himself off the rope, Usain is already bouncing off the rope and flying through the air yet again.  The flying drop kick lands precisely on discus champ’s sternum, and though he reaches frantically for the ropes, this time the giant German drops to his ass.  The Jamaican quickly positions himself directly behind his opponent and shoves Robert’s head backward until the big man is staring up at Usain’s pendulous package.  The steel trap snaps shut around the giant’s temples.  Robert’s face disappears between the sprinter’s superhuman thighs.  The crowd goes wild when Usain flexes his biceps for them while crushing his opponent’s skull as if effortlessly in his standing head scissors.  The mighty giant tries to pry his opponent’s legs apart, but after a minute, even his massive muscles are no match for the deadly dangerous thighs of the champion sprinter.

Even as Usain is flashing a most muscular pose (which is nowhere near the league of the ferocious German), Robert taps frantically, signaling his submission. Usain quickly drapes himself in the Jamaican flag and strikes his signature pose, pronouncing himself the greatest Olympian of all time.

Fans are still debating the ballsy claim to world supremacy by the gold medalist when the tag teams begin to jog out of from underneath the stadium and into the infield.  First to the ring is the Norwegian heart throb, javelin thrower Andreas Thorkildsen, now dressed in very brief blue and red speedos that  are much briefer than Andreas’ stark white tan lines.

South African sprinter Oscar Pistorius – 5’11”, 170 lbs., 25 y/o

Gasps from the stands greet Andreas’ choice for a tag team partner for the finals. South African hottie Oscar Pistorius has been a hot topic on the circuit for a couple of seasons.  The sprinter who is a double amputee had to lobby hard to even attempt to qualify for the homoerotic wrestling competition.  Potential opponents complained that his prosthetic blades were fundamentally “foreign objects” that could be used as a weapon in the ring.  The handsome South African persevered, and with charm that has become in and of itself legendary, talked himself into the pool of potential wrestlers to go for gold.  He didn’t qualify for the individual round robin, but strolling out in green skin tight square cuts, he clearly caught the eye of Andreas to get the nod to join him for tag team glory.

Robert is battered, but back to redeem team Germany.

German finalist Robert Harting jogs into the infield next, ripping off his third shirt of the night as the crowd roars their encouragement.  His nose his badly damaged from his gold medal match against Usain, but the big mountain of muscle is back on his feet, dressed in his signature black square cuts, and flexing to make the fans scream once again.

German discus thrower Martin Wierig – 6’8″, 273 lbs., 25 y/o

Robert is quickly joined on the ring apron by his fellow German discus competitor and sculpted muscle man, Martin Wierig.  A fraction taller and just a few pounds lighter than his countryman, Martin pumps his biceps next to his partner who flashes a dizzying most-muscular pose for the screaming fans.  Side by side, the two massive beasts have terrorized the tag team ranks since they first teamed up 8 months ago.  At a combined weight of over 550 pounds, the German team is by far the largest team to compete in Olympic homoerotic wrestling competition.

Usain can’t wait to get his hands on more gold!

Gold medalist Usain Bolt sprints across the track and into the infield next, freshly oiled and pumped and wearing green and yellow speedos.  He leaps across the top rope and immediately begins posing for the roaring crowd.

Jamaican sprinter Yohan Blake – 5’11”, 168 lbs., 22 y/o

Immediately behind Usain is his partner, fellow Jamaican sprinter Yohan Blake, wearing identical yellow and green speedos.  When Yohan follows his partner in leaping over the top rope and flexing for the fans, Usain snaps at him and shoves him to the corner, demanding Yohan to take his position on the ring apron while Usain continues mugging for the fans.

Canadian sprinter Jared Connaughton – 5’9″, 174 lbs., 27 y/o

Even as the tag team competition is about to begin, legendary homoerotic wrestler Liu Xiang is being transported by ambulance through the streets of London to receive emergency care for his punctured lung.  As a result of his withdrawal from tag team contention, the final team captain is the scorching hot Canadian hunk who just barely missed qualifying for the individual gold semi-finals: Jared Connaughton. Jared sprints out from underneath the stands and across the track wearing a white thong with a red maple leaf stitched across his wildly swinging pouch.  The shaved headed, tattooed, muscle-butted beauty gives a wink and a one-sided grin as he blows kisses to the stands.  When the Canadian rocker coyly looks over his shoulder and flexes his gorgeous, striated glutes, the roar of the crowd is louder than its been all night.

Italian hurdler Emanuele Abate – 6’3″, 176 lbs.,  27 y/o

Jared’s hand-picked hottie to partner with for the gold sprints into the infield to join him. His choice surprises no one who’s followed track and field homoerotic wrestling for the past year.  After burning through a half a dozen tag team partners early in his wrestling career, he found just the right chemistry teaming up with Italian hurdler Emanuele Abate at the World Indoor Championships this spring.  The gorgeous twosome capitalized on the fact that the German team was knocked out of the tag team finals as a result of Robert Harting’s injury in individual competition, and the Canada-Italy connection outlasted the rest for a 2-on-1 showdown against Liu Xiang, once the Chinese superstar’s partner was knocked out cold and pinned earlier.  Although Xiang inflicted damage, Jared and Emanuele eventually neutralized the living legend, thrilling hardcore fans with a rare fuck-and-suck finisher in which Emanuele plowed the Chinese hurdler from behind while Jared force fed him his epic, pierced jackhammer.  The crushing defeat and all-in humiliation has been credited with deflating Xiang’s momentum and, based on the gold medal round robin tonight, possibly signaling the beginning of the end of his domination on the world scene.

Usain insists on starting the tag team mash-up.

There’s a scuffle in the Jamaican corner when Yohan begins to step through the ropes to start off the action.  Usain grabs him by the bicep and drags his teammate back to the ring apron.  There’s a heated exchange happening underneath the din of the crowd as the two hunks bark furiously in each other’s faces.  Finally, it’s Usain who climbs into the ring and pumps a double bicep for the crowd.  It’s his third match of the night, but the fastest man in the world is pumped and ready to go for gold once again.

Larger than life, Martin is predicting team Germany will be #1

When Martin climbs over the top rope he shoots a #1 signal to the crowd before turning and sneering down at his Jamaican opponent. Having demolished the German’s even bigger countryman, Usain rolls his eyes and begins to circle the towering muscleman.  Usain is still lightening fast, landing a sharp kick to the big man’s right hamstring and dancing away before Martin can counter.  They circle again, and again Usain shoots a sharp kick to Martin’s right hamstring before the big German can defend himself.  After another round of cautious circling, Usain feints another hamstring strike, making Martin flinch away defensively, but the Jamaican swiftly changes the trajectory of his kick, bending his knee and driving it viciously into the 6’8″ muscleman’s crotch.  Martin folds forward, his arms protectively placed over his crotch as he struggles to catch his breath.  Usain charges into the ropes and catapults back toward him, lifting his right knee into Martin’s powerful chest.  The big German stumbles backward, his right hand still clutching his balls and his left arm draped protectively across his chest.  The Jamaican takes a page out of his gold medal performance against Martin’s partner to quickly launch a second assault off the ropes, this time leaping into the air for a cross-body take down.  However, the Germans have clearly come prepared from the lessons Robert learned in his gold medal loss.  Martin is clearly not as winded from Usain’s blows as he let on.  Standing up straight and propping his right leg behind him, he easily catches the 210 pound Jamaican missile and cradles Usain across his chest.  Robert claps furiously from the corner, barking instructions at his young partner. The junior German partner takes a leisurely stroll around the ring with his captured prey. He walks slowly by his own corner, close enough for Robert to land a humiliating slap across Usain’s face.  The other teams call him over, so Martin carries Usain first to let Andreas and Oscar land cracking slaps across the gold medalist’s face, then to Jared and Emanuele’s corner.  Emanuele reaches over the tope to land a windmilling swat on the Jamaican’s gorgeous, oiled muscle glutes.  Jared then reaches over to grab Usain by the chin, bark in his face, and then drive a stunning, sharp fist into the gold medalist’s nose. Blood showers down from his broken septum as Martin strolls toward the Jamaicans’ corner, but turns away, tauntingly at the last second as Usain frantically reaches his hand toward his tag team partner.  Yohan doesn’t make any attempt to tag in, turning his back on his partner and crossing his arms across his powerful pecs.  Martin turns to the center of the ring and powerslams himself down on top of his opponent. Bouncing up to his hands and knees, Martin crouches over top of the Jamaican and soaks in the cheers from the stands for a moment before climbing to his feet, dragging a nearly lifeless Usain up by his ears, scooping him up in his arms again and crushing him with yet another 280 pound powerslam.  Usain’s twitching right foot is the only thing moving on the sprinter’s body.  Martin listens to his partner barking instructions in the corner before peeling off Usain’s speedo and tossing it to Robert as a souvenir.  Martin hooks Usain’s right leg, leaning his massive body overtop of the Jamaican and pinning his shoulders to the mat.  “Eins!” the German barks, slapping his hand to the mat.  “Zwei!”  he booms with another slap of his hand.  Usain’s eyes open wide, realizing how vulnerable he is.  He struggles to wrench a shoulder of the mat, but he’s buried beneath his behemoth opponent.  “Drei!” Martin shouts, counting Usain out and quickly climbing to his feet, his eye on Yohan.  Yohan slowly climbs through the ropes, eyeing the huge German warily.  Instead of moving to lock up with him, however, the Jamaican crouches on one knee next to his defeated partner.  He lifts Usain’s head in his left hand, murmuring to him beneath the din of the crowd.  When Usain’s eyes flutter open, Yohan suddenly lands a shocking punch to his partner’s right cheek.  The blow looks like it knocks the gold medalist out cold, but Yohan doesn’t seem to care.  He straddles his knees across his partner’s chest and rains down blows with both fists. Martin seems unsure what to do with the shocking intramural conflict between the Jamaicans, but Robert snaps him back into focus with instructions from the corner. He comes up from behind the oblivious Yohan, locks his right arm across the Jamaican’s throat, and lifts him off his feet, hanging from his throat in the giant German’s massive arms.  Yohan is out cold in a little over a minute, tossed to the mat and counted out.  The remaining two teams look at one another, silently questioning who will face the imposing Germans next.

Jared looks up at the giant German in awe

It’s Jared who climbs through the ropes next and stands with his hands on his hips, looking up at Martin towering nearly a full foot taller than the power-packed sprinter.  Unbelievably, the Canadian lifts his hands, palms toward his opponent, and challenges Martin to a test of strength.  The crowd roars, the Canadian’s fans warning caution and the German’s fans screaming encouragement.  Martin laughs heartily, rolling his eyes before reaching his hands in the air. Tauntingly, he dangles his hands overhead, out of Jared’s reach as the Canadian rolls up to his tip-toes.  Martin’s massive body is shaking with laughter when he finally lowers his hands and laces his fingers in between his relatively diminutive opponent’s.  The mismatch is a stunning sight.  Martin quickly presses Jared’s wrists backward and then uses his height advantage to lean overtop of the Canadian.  Jared’s face contorts in agony as he slowly sinks to his knees.  Abruptly, Martin swings their locked hands wide and wrenches Jared’s wrists backward from underneath.  The Canadian screams in pain as he quickly comes to his feet.  Upward, Martin presses as Jared rolls to the balls of his feet and then gasps to find himself being lifted entirely off his feet by his quivering wrists.  Martin leaves him hanging in mid-air for a half a minute, showing off his dominating power until the mighty German’s biceps begin to quiver with the effort.  Abruptly he swings their arms around again and presses Jared’s wrists down from overhead once more, driving the Canadian to his knees with a thud as a sheen of sweat breaks out across Jared’s shaved head.  Martin rolls his head backward and laughs again as Jared grovels on his knees in front of him at his mercy.  The thermos growing in Martin’s black square cuts tents his trunks.  Emanuele is pleading with his partner not to submit.  Jared leans into his opponent’s massive body, his cheek pressed against the growing bulge in Martin’s trunks.  Jared’s mouth, gaping open in agony, suddenly stretches around the head of Martin’s mammoth cock covered in only a distended stretch of black spandex.  His lips work furiously on what he can grab of Martin’s member, occasionally using his teeth to tease the raging erection.  Suddenly Martin’s face goes slack as his balls contract and pre-cum stains his trunks.  His grip slackens around his opponent’s fingers.  Jared’s hands find their way around his opponent’s hips to slide inside the German’s trunks and squeeze his massive cheeks.  Absent-mindedly, Martin laces his fingers on top of his head and ignores the screams of the crowd and his partner as Jared stokes him closer and closer to ecstasy.  Slowly, Jared peels Martin’s trunks down over his massive thighs, exposing the beast’s thermos cock surrounded by a thick bush of dark curls.  The moment Jared wraps his right hand around the head of the huge shaft, Martin cums, coating Jared’s pecs.  A second later, and Jared yanks the German’s ankles out from underneath him, dropping him in shock crashing to his back and ripping his trunks from his ankles.  A vicious punch to the giant German’s naked balls, and then the sweat soaked Canadian crawls on his knees to the nearest corner, tagging in Andreas.

Andreas stares down at Martin

The powerful Norwegian quickly steps through the ropes and stands overtop of Martin’s head.  He stares down impassively for several seconds, his massive tanned pecs bouncing eagerly as the roar of the crowd rises in anticipation. He bends over and grabs a fistful of the German’s hair, dragging him up to his knees.  Andreas lunges low and hooks his right arm through the German’s legs.  Grunting loudly, the Norwegian muscleman rises slowly to his feet, cradling the 280 pound discuss thrower across his powerful chest.  Andreas’ body shakes with the effort as he takes three short steps toward the center of the ring before hoisting Martin’s legs high with another grunt and slamming the massive man to his back again.  Andreas stumbles backward, clearly winded, his hands on his hips.  He doesn’t try to intervene when the long-limbed German stretches out his arm toward the nearest corner, tagging in an awaiting Emanuele.

Emanuele leaps over the ropes.

The Italian hurdler leaps over the top rope and sprints toward the  Norwegian with his right arm stretched out in preparation for a clothesline.  Not nearly as winded as he appeared, Andreas easily ducks underneath his opponent’s arm and instantly locks his powerful arms underneath Emanuel’s shoulders, cinching on a neck wrenching full nelson.  Andreas can’t help himself but smile as the Italian makes several failed attempts to muscle free.  Shoving him into Andreas’ own corner, Andreas grinds his hips into Emanuel’s ass as Oscar slaps the Italian’s face and shouts insults from across the ropes.  Jared climbs up on the bottom rope and shouts threats across the ring at the double team.  When Oscar reaches through the ropes and yanks the Italian’s trunks down to his knees, Jared bolts through the ropes to rescue his partner.

Jared is determined to muscle his way to victory.

The rescue attempt is short-lived.  Oscar signals to Andreas as soon as Jared is inside the ring.  Before the Canadian reaches them, the Norwegian releases the full nelson on Emanuele and turns to face Jared, his beautiful pecs bouncing eagerly once again. Oscar steps through the ropes to pound Emanuele’s face into the turnbuckle repeatedly while Andreas quickly gets the upperhand as he and Jared square off.  Jared’s head is snapped in between the Norwegian’s right forearm and his ribs, bent forward with his mostly bare ass on display for the adoring fans. Andreas grinds the headlock hard, his powerful upper body making the Canadian sprinter drop to one knee and wail.  Dragging him back to his feet, Andreas hip tosses him to his back.  Two fast elbow drops into Jared’s meaty pecs make the Canadian clutch his chest defensively, totally out of position to defend himself when the javelin thrower drives his right knee into his face.  The Canadian isn’t knocked out entirely, but his hold on consciousness in tenuous, and he doesn’t seem to notice when the handsome Norwegian hooks his huge right leg, rolls him up to his shoulders, and slaps down a ponderous, commanding three count.

Jared’s luscious pecs can’t save him from being counted out!

With a quick glance to confirm that the Germans are staying out of the fray, Andreas turns to his partner.  Without a word, Oscar yanks Emanuele by his hair out of the corner, spins him around, and sends him stumbling toward Andreas.  With a growl, the Norwegian hooks his big arms around the hurdler’s waist and hoists him up in a kidney bruising bearhug.  Oscar takes a seat on the top turnbuckle as he taunts the Italian, keeping a wary eye on the German corner.  Andreas is coated in sweat as he bears down on the bearhug.  His mighty pecs will not be denied, as second by second he wrings a louder wailing cry of agony from the lovely, lean Italian.  “I give!” he finally gasps, but Andreas squeezes a fraction harder. “Beg me!” he snarls in the Italian’s ear.  “Please, please, please…” Emanuele stammers, “please let go, please….”  Andreas laughs and drops him like a dead weight.  He backs his way into his corner, sliding between his partner’s thighs.  Oscar begins kneading his teammate’s massive shoulders and neck.  From across the ring, the Germans stare at them, ignoring the muscled bodies littering the mat between them.  Oscar’s hands slide down his partner’s sweaty pecs, massaging them and playfully pinching his nipples.

Robert challenges Oscar personally

Finally, big Robert Harting ducks through the ropes and points directly at Oscar.  “You!” he barks.  Andreas leans his head back and whispers furiously with his partner.  The debate lasts about 15 seconds,  but finally the South African sprinter hops off the top rope and steps in front of his partner.  It’s Andreas’ turn to shout encouragement and massage his partner’s shoulders as Oscar shifts from blade to blade, flexing his arms and psyching himself up.  Finally Andreas slaps him on the ass hard and ducks out of the ropes as Oscar begins to circle the ring, stepping gingerly over the fallen contenders.  Robert doesn’t bother stepping over them, slamming his feet into stomaches, heads, crotches… whatever.  When he thoughtlessly grinds his heel into Usain’s crotch, the Jamaican gold medalist’s eyes snap open in shock and agony.  He bellows a cry of pain and grabs Robert’s ankle.  It takes Robert no more than about 3 seconds to glance down in surprise and figure out who’s grabbed him and why.  In just those three seconds, Oscar flings himself into the ropes, uses them to catapult across the ring and leap through the air, clotheslining the German giant across the throat.  Already off balance and completely flat footed, Robert tumbles backward like a felled tree.

Oscar’s packing heat as he stares down at his opponent.

Oscar is on top of him in a flash, pounding a furious flurry of fists into the German’s face.  It takes just a couple blows for the sprinter to bust open Robert’s crushed nose all over again.  Oscar’s fists and Robert’s face are coated in blood within seconds.  Sliding forward, Oscar locks his thighs around his opponent’s head and falls to his side, squeezing him in a high and tight face to crotch headscissors.  His prosthetics suddenly snap perfectly together like a lock, and he leans back on his elbows, squeezing the discus champ in the temples and smothering him with his mouth shoved underneath the South African’s balls. Blood soaks Oscar’s trunks where the crushed septum of the German is gushing.  Robert lands a half a dozen sharp fists into his captor’s thighs, but his fists suddenly go slack.  His eyes roll into the back of his head as Oscar tugs at his own swelling cock through the fabric of his trunks.  Martin screams for his partner to remain conscious as Andreas shouts encouragement to Oscar.  30 seconds later and Robert is out cold.  Oscar climbs up to his blades and bends over the behemoth German’s waist, peeling off the massive man’s black square cut trunks and then stuffing him in humiliatingly in his mouth.

With his right blade resting on Robert’s slack pecs, Oscar flashes that heart melting smile at the crowd and pumps his index finger in the air.  “ONE!” the stadium shouts back as one.  He pumps two fingers in the air.  “TWO!!!” the crowd screams.  He pumps three fingers over head, but before the crowd has even started to recite “THREE!” Martin dives through the ropes and tackles the South African to his back.  Oscar instantly wraps his thighs around his naked attacker’s waist and slips his blades together in the locked position once again.  The pain makes Martin momentarily lean back and grimace, but he finally jabs his massive right fist toward his opponent’s face.  Oscar deflects the blow and grabs his wrist.  A left jab from the giant German and Oscar deflects it and grabs that wrist as well, effectively neutralizing him.  Martin’s rage is boiling over as his face turns bright red and he howls like a rabid animal. He leans backward, pulling Oscar’s shoulders off the mat and then driving him back down hard.  A second time, and Oscar loses his grip on the German’s left wrist.  Martin doesn’t get a third time.

Andreas shows that tag team gold is all about teamwork

Andreas’ knee flies into Martin’s left cheek.  As Martin’s head snaps to the side, blood flies across the ring from his split lip.  The big German is dazed as Oscar releases his body scissors.  He’s not quite tracking as it takes both Andreas and Oscar to drag the massive man to his feet.  But he seems to suddenly understand his predicament when the handsome Norwegian hooks his arm between the discuss throwers legs and, with a considerable effort and an assist from his partner, hoists all 273 pounds of him across Andreas’ shoulders.  Back on his blades, Oscar slaps the German’s face, taunting him.  The stadium is rocking with stomps and applause and screams as Andreas shakes and stretches the giant man draped backward across his powerful shoulders.  Oscar stands directly in front of his partner and kisses him passionately, one hand squeezing Andreas’ ass and the other sliding down the front of his blue and red speedo.  The two appear lost in lust until suddenly Andreas begins to claw savagely at Martin’s balls, even while continuing to make out with his partner.  The German screams incoherently at first, but finally whimpers, “I quit! Enough!” as tears stream down his cheeks.  Instantly Andreas shrugs his shoulders and sends Martin rolling off of him and crashing in a heap to the mat.  The gold medal winning tag team partners embrace, kissing deeply.  Oscar cradles the back of Andreas’ head in his right hand. Andreas’ hands slide down his partner’s back and underneath his trunks to squeeze the sprinter’s powerful glutes.  The camera flashes would blind the partners if they weren’t fixed entirely upon one another for a full minute of “private” celebration.  Finally pulling away, Andreas’ grabs Oscar’s hand and pumps them into the air in victory, their opponents littered at their feet.  The masters of the tag team track and field competition are the perfect, hot combination of both track and field hunks.

Gold medalist tag team: Norway’s Andreas Thorkildsen…
…and South Africa’s Oscar Pistorius.

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