Making the Best of It

Just a quick note to let fans of homoerotic wrestling fiction know that there’s a new chapter in The Cave series, entitled “Thunder Strikes,” over at the Sidelineland group.  Alex has pieced together another incredibly compelling story documenting the fall of The Bat, aka Cody, now forcibly re-dubbed as muscle jobber to die for, Pink Punk.  Inside and outside of the ring, Cody’s wrapping his head around the nature and scope of his penance for past misdeeds, even as his gorgeous muscle-body is wrapped around the ring post.  As Cody comes to terms with where he is in his long journey through purgatory, he seems to be making inroads in patching up his shattered relationship with his former buddy-turned-Bane.  And is it my imagination, or is Cody learning to make the most of getting crushed and abused?  There’s a whole different sort of mojo he seems to be tapping into as the pink thong and white boots grow on him, and one way or another he’s going to work off an astonishingly satisfying load, and I, for one, am right there with him!  Thanks again, Alex!

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