Making Jake…

After reading my first edition of the a-b-c’s of Making Jake…, Eli Black put me on notice that a little love for JJ is okay, but not to be distracted from appreciating Primus.  Having duly noted Eli’s words of caution, here are my next Making Jake… contributions: letters F through J.
Making Jake…
“F” is for flex: the sight of Christian Taylor’s destruction compels Jake to do it in Wet and Wild 6

flex! While I’d pay a premium to see Jake in “forced to flex” scenario, it’s still delightful to see him look down at the work he’s wrought, such as brutally bashing a whimpering submission from former homoerotic wrestler of the month Christian Taylor, and finding himself irresistibly compelled to plant his left foot on his vanquished opponent and display the very same sweetly sweat-soaked muscles credited with crushing the hopes of another hot hunk.  His sight of his opponent’s vulnerability, anguish, and impotence grab hold of his full attention and make Jake flex.

“G” is for grovel: Jayden Mayne makes Jake do it in Gazebo Grapplers 13

grovel. Jake does dozens of things extremely well (thus the premise for this series of posts), but I have to say I think at or very near the top of the list is his incredibly evocative groveling.  He’s such the hunky high-school hero turned cocky homoerotic wrestling stud puppy! Every Jake-match starts with him in the foreground and his cool, calm, supremely confident self-assurance in his destiny to sit on top of the heap in the background.  This makes it that much more moving to watch when a long, lanky, young tattooed punk like Jayden Mayne manages not only to get the upperhand on the high school hero (who almost certainly gave skinny kids like Jayden swirlies in the boys bathroom not long ago), but to to put Jake on his hands and knees, controlling the handsome hunk by a handful of hair, and make Jake grovel!

“H” is for horny, which Jake can handle all by himself!

horny. So it’s totally true that, other than a youthful indiscretion captured on digital recording that I’ve promised him not to name here, Jake’s on-camera career has stayed firmly on the PG-rated side of the homoerotic wrestling pool.  For all of the thousands of gay men who Jake expertly turns on at the drop of a hat, my well-educated guess is that off the clock he probably satisfies himself by bedroom wrestling with some phallic-deficient beauty(ies).  I swear to you that the boy with the luscious lips is packing major league heat, but he keeps his powertool safely tucked away in everything we’ve seen of him in the homoerotic wrestling universe.  But this behind-the-scenes shot from BG East of Jake playing with his nipples is a nothing short of fucking art! Because if anyone can turn Jake on, it’s Jake.  Putting the self-stimulated into homoerotic wrestling, Jake’s the man to make Jake horny!

“I” is for incapacitated: Eli Black doe it to Jake better than just about anyone

incapacitated. A wise, albeit verbose commentor told me once (and then a thousand times) that the winning formula in homoerotic wrestling is taking a gorgeous, powerful muscle stud and watch all those muscles made impotent (which is my runner-up for the “i” category in this series).  While I quibble with the notion that there’s just one formula for hot wrestling, seeing bromantic Eli Black shove Jake’s head between his thighs and nearly rip Jake’s arms out by the shoulders while Jake’s breathtaking bare ass writhes and wriggles pointlessly is like a direct shot of adrenaline to my wrestling kink.  There are fewer scenes more provocative than watching someone make Jake incapacitated.

“J” is for jump: Cliff Johnson absolutely demands just that from resident “little fucking monkey”

jump! Jake’s compulsion to fly is precisely what prompted Kid Karisma to refer to him as that “little fucking monkey” in our interview last January.  “I have never seen someone jump around as much as him,” Kid K marveled. The first time I saw Jake wrestle, my initial snap judgment was that he had amateur wrestling cred which would translate to underwhelming entertainment value in the pro wrestling ring.  Right about the time that thought occurred to me, Jake came bouncing off the ropes both feet first to land a totally respectable and highly entertaining flying drop kick! Of course, not every match makes Jake jump.  But in the pro ring, in firm possession of the match momentum, all it takes is some over-confident, flat-footed, unsuspecting hardbodied hunk standing in front of him to make Jake jump!

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