Larger than Life

6’3″, 225 lbs Alexi Adamov

While it was Denny Cartier who got my pick for homoerotic wrestler of the month, his opponent in the first match of Leopard’s Lair 4, Alexi Adamov, is nothing short of breathtaking. I’ve seen a lot of Alexi’s work, mind you.  His debut with BGE against the legendarily living legend Brad Rochelle was astonishing for the beauty of his long, hunky body beaten to a pulp by the freshly minted heel Brad.  And Alexi’s welcome of Mitch Colby to BGE was one of the most beautiful pair of sweat soaked bodies ever cast.  But I don’t think I’ve ever seen Alexi as ripped and gorgeous as he is in the ring against Denny.

Alexi is larger than life!

The contrast of his body and Denny’s body is almost certainly a major part of what makes Alexi’s appearance seem so unprecedented.  5’6″, 165 lbs Denny is solid, compact, and hot as hell, but facing off against 6’3″, 225 lbs Alexi serves only to make Alexi seem to grow at least a couple inches and 40 lbs bigger than he was as the fresh, painfully pretty rookie facing newly lethal Brad those years ago.

Alexi bulges in all the right places

Denny makes Alexi work, and he makes him hurt. When they aren’t on their feet, Denny holds his own and, more importantly, holds and hammers and squeezes and contorts the muscled Russian’s sculpted body beautifully.

Downward Dog never looked so good!

But what a huge, powerful boy like Alexi can do with a spunky, incredibly flexible and fearless wrestler 60 or so pounds lighter is absolutely art. Early in the match, he manages this astonishing move that’s sort of a combination of downward dog and a rib crushing body scissors.  Denny is helplessly suspended in mid-air and getting sliced in between the luscious Russian’s gorgeous thighs. It’s an incredible feat of strength and coordination, and it could as easily appear in a modern dance routine as in a homoerotic wrestling match.

Denny soaks in the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and feel of being owned by Alexi

And lucky, lucky Denny gets introduced to every fantastic nook and cranny of Alexi’s mouth watering body. There’s not a moment that Denny looks like his mind is on anything other than doing his best to survive the ugly Russian brutality from the pretty, pretty Russian muscleman.  But Denny is nothing short of my hero for the moment his face is trapped way up Alexi’s crack, and of all the things he could do, he just squeezes those luscious glutes.

Like me, Alexi likes what he sees

I often find it a little distracting when wrestlers can’t quite tear their eyes off of the mirror when they’re battling in the BGE ring room. I’ve been in that room, and I know how big and alluring the mirror must be for boys as beautiful as Alexi.  But typically, I find the boys’ mugging for the mirror a little annoying.  But somehow Alexi pulls it off just fine.  He likes what he sees, meaning not just the sight of his fantastically beautiful muscles coated in sweat and pumped, but the sight of his big beautiful muscles in the moment of dominating an opponent.

Every last angle of Alexi’s body is gorgeous!
Every inch of Alexi is beautiful.  Every stretch and squeeze Denny applies reveals perfectly smooth and unblemished Alexi from every angle.  The only thing missing is another pair of hands tactilely appreciating the wonders that Denny reveals.
The spoils of victory

And speaking of revealing, after choking Denny with his wrist strap, he gives a nice big yank on Denny’s trunks and shows Denny fans what’s underneath the signature white trunks with blue piping.  Big, sculpted, soaked in sweat, muscled to perfection and pretty as a picture… and so generous with his fans!?  Damn boy!

Alexi looking his absolute BEST!

2 thoughts on “Larger than Life

  1. I wonder if BGE has ever considered adding a spoiler page to there match descriptions. I know that many folks DON'T want to know who the winner is, especially if they plan to purchase.However, I can't afford to buy many videos. And I'd like to know who won. I have strong suspicions based on what's here and on its site, but I'd like to KNOW!Just a thought.

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