Joining the Club

Picking up on yesterday’s sub-theme of “reading is sexy,” I’ve just posted to the Sidelineland fiction group a new fictional homoerotic wrestling story penned by fan-favorite Alex.  It’s a new chapter in the AWL series, in which we get some backstage, locker room insight into what could have made early ’80’s professional wrestling the sexiest business in the history of the planet.

“Joining the Club” stars a recurring character, young stud Jake Justice, having returned from his road shows and motel madness to keep his on-air career chugging forward as a tough young face.

Jake comes face to face, pec to pec, and cock to cock with a mighty hunk of meat who has more in store to teach young Jake about games within games, moving the career ball forward, and finding your people along the way.  This story features what I can only describe as a breathtakingly awesome return of another AWL feature star who lit up the Sidelineland listserv the last time he appeared in one of Alex’ matches.  Like Quantum Leap, Alex has jumped our perspective into young Jake’s head this time, and there’s something insanely hot about seeing a hunk of meat we’ve grown to know and lust after from the inside out, now described through the eyes of another star-struck hunk.

This has most definitely been the year for homoerotic wrestling fiction, in huge part thanks to Alex’ incredible productivity.  I believe he’s authored no fewer than 17 of the highest quality pieces of homoerotic wrestling fiction on the Sidelineland fiction site, and I’m happy to report that there’s more coming from Alex and others.  So be part of the pouch pounding action by signing up to get all hot and bothered reading these gems.  Better yet, be a total stud and contribute your own pieces of original writing!

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