The Ring Bunny

I’ve posted a new piece of juicy pro wrestling fiction from Alex in his AWL series over at the Sidelineland fiction group.  It’s another Daring Danny Chase story, so I know of several fans of Daring Danny that will particularly brighten to hear this news.  Alex is taking us into some new territory, including some twisted kink that even disturbs me just a little (not much… but a little).  I use the word “disturb,” however it’s not like “AWL: The Ring Bunny” failed to completely turn me on and get my heart pumping hard.  Alex just has that way about him!  It’s just that “ring bunny” character that throws me…

I’ve commented in the past that I’m not sure Danny is the brightest bulb in the lamp, which got me into some hot water with fans taking me to task for calling Danny dumb.  For the record, I don’t think Danny’s dumb.  I do think he’s a beautiful work of fiction, however, so unless Alex writes the results of an IQ test into a future story, we may never really know any objective measure of Danny’s intelligence. His common sense, however, is occasionally seriously impaired (c’mon, you gotta give me that!), and that weakness is once again the foundation for Danny to encounter a challenge like he’s never faced before, not entirely limited to the seriously pissed off 6’1″, 250-lbs mountain of muscle bearing down on him.

So sure.  Perhaps we just haven’t seen Danny’s brainy side.  This snapshot of his life and career from the early 80’s world of pro wrestling is hardly a study in his intellectual capacity as much as it is a recognition that when you’re gorgeous as hell and built like a gym-bunny pro wrestler, the calls for you to produce your SAT scores are understandably limited.  Whether I’m too hard on lovely Danny (and trust me, I could get a lot harder!) as I speculate about his intelligence, I’m entirely on board with his many fans who find his pro-wrestling-turned-kink-wrestling stories damn hot!  Nice work as always, Alex!

2 thoughts on “The Ring Bunny

  1. Leo aka Stone Cold, looks like he was carved of carborundum (the hardest stone) on Triton (Jovian moon, coldest place in the solar system)! When he tussles with him, Danny is living down to your expectations. Carborundum is used, after all, for very high performance cutting tools, structural material for anti-weapons armor plate, cladding for the interior of nuclear reactors. And polished up, it even LOOKS mean. And Triton's so frigid, it makes Antartica seem like the Death Valley. The temperature can shatter you in a micro-second. Foolish, very foolish, Danny!

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