Living the Dream

Drake Marcos sent a bevy of pics from his recent trip to Florida to tape more matches for BG East.  The Boss himself commented on the pages of this blog, alerting us that he took some of the photos himself, including the naked sunbathing shots of Drake from my recent post, as well as the Boss alluding to some shots he took when he and Drake “found themselves alone.”  What does the Boss and a lovely, eager newbie trying to build his skills in homoerotic wrestling get up to when they find themselves alone?

KL documents Drake’s humiliation from on top (where else?)
Wrestling!  I had to go back to Drake and just clarify.  Yes, indeed, Kid Leopard not only kicked the kid’s ass forward, backward, sideways and upside down.  In KL fashion, he also contemptuously demonstrated his complete mastery of Drake by reaching over, grabbing the kid’s camera out of his bag, and shooting these shots while they wrestled!
KL’s souvenir from his private tutoring session: photographic proof of Drake’s destruction
I’m not sure exactly why it is that fact turns me on so hard, but it does.  The domination is so incredibly hot!  The Cheshire Cat’s smile that seems permanently planted across Drake’s face when conscious fades to nothing as the master puts him down for the count.  Not only can KL bash him senseless and sleeper him out cold with his heel grinding mercilessly into Drake’s crotch.  He also leisurely snaps a shot looking down at Drake’s sublime humiliation.
KL demonstrates for Drake how far he has yet to go in mastering the art of homoerotic wrestling domination
So this is what constitutes “training” for newbies at BG East!  Learning submission holds the hard way and documenting their abject humiliation?  Sounds about right to me!  Now my next question is what did young Drake learn from this private tutoring session that will inform his next outings in front of the BG East cameras?  Damn, damn, damn this is hot!  The only thing missing is a shot of KL planting his ass across the newbie’s face in total victory!
Once again, Drake proves his devotion to both homoerotic wrestling and his fans by sharing the painful, thrilling, humiliating journey of trying to break into the ranks of BG East.

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