The Good Fight

I’m just coming out of a nearly comatose state after a raging cold made my sinuses feel like they were about to explode inside of my head.  Right around now is the time that I would, in my fashion, likely subtly appeal for sympathy, perhaps pander a bit for encouragement, possibly even manage to go fishing for compliments somehow.  However, catching up on the news I missed while my head has been threatening to explode, I realize that such a pity party would be a little ridiculous.  Sure, there’s the horrific crime of an under-treated, under-diagnosed lunatic with not only access to but training and encouragement in the use of assault weapons, but frankly that’s not what I’m talking about.  Let’s thank Reagan for deinstitutionalization of mental health care and “W” for happily watching assault rifles become legal again for that news.  Chickens home to roost, as far as I’m concerned.

Skip Vance stays healthy every way he can.

What stopped me in my accustomed pity party is following up on Skip Vance’s FB feed.  Skip, friend of this blog and all around stunningly hot jobberboy, mentioned in his interview here earlier this year that he has Crohn’s disease.  Turns out he’s had a new flare up in the past week or so that’s sent him to the hospital, in a lot of pain, and facing significant surgeries and major pharmaceutical bills (oh, yeah, thanks for that, too, Republicans).

Word has gone out elsewhere and a crowd sourcing effort has managed to help Skip raise some much needed funding for his mounting healthcare costs.  However, the hits keep coming, and in addition to still looking at a huge bill for necessary medications, he’s got mounting hospitalization costs accruing the longer he’s holed up getting poked and prodded and punished, and NOT in the good way.

So now that I think about it, if you’ve got pity to spare, send it my way.  I can always soak up that crap.  But if you actually want to make a difference for one of our own who’s in need of some assistance right about now, send your financial support here and keep track of Skip’s journey to hell and back here.  And just as a testament to this kid’s ferocity, he’s already taking tentative pre-bookings for wrestling gigs in the coming months, once he’s kicked this latest episode in the ass.

Lot’s of love, Skip & Christian.  We’re looking forward to having you back on your feet and taking another beating like absolutely nobody else can.

Let’s get these two back to business!

2 thoughts on “The Good Fight

  1. Wishing you well, with one note: the "Reagan de-institutionalization" was a result of an ACLU suit opposed by the Reagan administration to effect that persons could not be subject to involuntary institutionalization for more than a brief period if they had not proven a danger to themselves or others.

  2. Yep, I oversimplified, though to imply that Reagan went unwillingly into cutting federal funds for caring for the mentally ill would be wildly inaccurate. A good summary of the history and precise lining up of the constituents that were happy to see the state no longer fund institutional care OR community care (as was intended by the disability rights proponents) can be found here: and the conservative political worship of small government sewed the seeds that we have since been reaping with universal access to gun ownership and vastly inadequate care and monitoring of the potentially violent mentally ill.

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