The Lusts of My Life [Guest Blogger: Alex]

I’ve been struggling to get my work done, post some new homoerotic wrestling fiction, and keep neverland updated regularly with tasty treats for you. Prolific and extremely talented writer Alex asked if there was anything he could do to take something off my plate. Moments later, I’d wrangled him and his fantastically vivid mind for erotic wrestling to commit to making some guest contributions around here to keep things fresh while I’m pounding out some text in my homoerotic wrestling fiction groups. As Sidelineland readers know, Alex rocks. He’s got an incredibly hot literary eye for wrestling, and he’s one of the most talented writers I’ve read in the genre. We’re lucky to have him writing stories to share with us, and I’m incredibly pleased to have him step in as a very honored guest blogger here at neverland today (and hopefully in the future, as well!).  ~Bard


When Bard asked me if I wanted to write something for his blog, I went through three stages of hesitation. I started by thinking about the fact that blogs are personal, like an open journal. Neverland is home to his thoughts, not mine. Do my thoughts even belong here? Then I wondered if anyone would care what I had to say about anything. Why would they? Who the hell am I? And last, I worried I’d have nothing to say. I write wrestling stories, but those aren’t the same. My favorite bloggers seem rather profound, analyzing wrestling at a deep level. I tend to look at the surface from an instinctual POV. Then it sort of hit me … what’s wrong with instinct and being shallow?

So, here we are. While many people are searching for the love(s) of their life, I’m going to write about the lusts of my life. I’m talking about the guys you see that get into your system and you can’t shake them. Not the latest flavor of the month, but guys who years later, you’re still thinking about. It’s not like you want to marry the guy, it’s more like a craving. You can’t explain it, people might mock you for it, but there’s just something about him.

For me, these are often guys that I feel like only I see the potential in. Of course with the interwebs, I know it’s more than just me, but they’re still not the über-popular super-studs. They have often a fleeting presence in my life that I think adds to their appeal, as they stay the same forever. You don’t have time to notice the flaws, just the magic of first sight.

One of my big lusts in life is Bart Gunn. Yes, Bart Gunn.

Three-time WWF champion. Cowboy, tall, built and hot, mullet and all. Hey, I did say I couldn’t always explain it. I like guys in classic trunks, but Bart wore tight jeans and cowboy boots to the ring and I loved it. In spite of his physical attributes, Bart never really caught on, but I loved him.

Thanks to YouTube, there are actually quite a few matches with him in them. Bart’s solo match with Ted Dibiase was the first match I ever saw of him. As a Smoking Gunn, he was usually the tag partner who took the abuse. After he went on his own, Bart was that jobber who came close to winning. His solo match with Mankind is a stand out for me.

20 years after his debut and Bart is still my guy.

Is this just me? Do you have a lust of your life? Share your opinion in the comments!


8 thoughts on “The Lusts of My Life [Guest Blogger: Alex]

  1. My go to guy is Barry Windham, the tight fitting old school wrestling trunks, the abundance of sweat making his slightly soft belly and meaty chest glisten, nearly 25 years later and I am still getting off to his clash of champions brawl with Brian Pillman

  2. Oh yeah, Barry Windham is a great one. He had some amazingly small trunks that looked fantastic on his long body. I used Windham as the inspiration for a character in my AWL series.I actually like Pillman a lot, too. I need to see if I can find that match!

  3. Bart Gunn is definitely sexy. Steve Blackman and even Ken Shamrock I always felt didn't get the credit they deserved. And to my dying day, I will defend Shawn Stasiak!

  4. Oh, Ken Shamrock would totally be one of my lusts, physically at least. His body, trunks and attitude were huge turn ons, but I never saw him in a truly great match that put him over the top. If he had a hairy body, he would've been the perfect Wolverine for X-Men.

  5. Hey, y'all…what about the dream jobber wrestler who's laid out so spectacularly in this blog's banner-head, performing an AWESOME "flying dropkick" – THE NOW LEGENDARY, MR. THOMAS (TOM) ZENK ("THE Z-MAN")???And how 'bout that sexy, blond, muscle jobber god in his YUMMY tightly-fitting, trademark, baby-blue Speedo-styled trunks; MR. KENNY KENDALL??? (THESE two HUNKS sure were a couple of HOT jobbers for us all to "JAW" over!) ;D

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