Lusts of My Life [Guest Blogger: Alex]

So I know I wrote that my lusts are usually low profile, but that’s not the case for this one. Mike Columbo. I mean, he is one of BGE’s big stars and has been in tons of videos. However, the reason I like him may be unique. Tarzan. Yes, Tarzan is why he was one of the first guys I gravitated to.
Now, I admit that if I were casting a Tarzan, Mike Columbo wouldn’t be my first choice. So how does my brain relate the two? Here’s my explanation:
My favorite Tarzan is Gordon Scott. Mike Columbo taps directly into my lust for him. Big chest. Narrow waist. Big muscles. Haircut. Face. Scott isn’t a classic, long-haired Tarzan, but when I saw his movies on TV, I was quite young and wowed. In fact, he might be the first ever lust of my life. So Mike Columbo drafted off Scott. The fact that his matches consistently delivered made him an immediate must-buy for many, many years.

So do you see the resemblance or am I crazy? Post your thoughts in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Lusts of My Life [Guest Blogger: Alex]

  1. Also love Columbo! So hot, and clean cut… I think I get more excited about a lot of BG East's older stuff. (I know it's not nostalgia either, because it's all relatively new to me.) Not that there aren't GREAT guys in the newer stuff, but a lot of the stuff that turns out to be about ten years old is really just amazing.

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