Clint Morgan 2 [Guest Blogger: Alex]

So in my first Clint Morgan post, I said I pulled out two matches. The second one was Clint Morgan vs. BBW from BG’s Champions.

Unlike the other match I pulled, this is a more standard three falls affair, set in a ring. Morgan stretches out, waiting for his opponent. He definitely looks good to me, but also “of the time.” BBW already has all the swagger and attitude that makes him an icon. He brings handcuffs and his valet (that he won in a prior match), both of which come into play. Morgan gets no respect from BBW, other than a nod to his size. Once again, there’s a lot of back-and-forth, with the men splitting the first two falls. Unlike the match against Rogers, where I can point to the set-up and ending as unique in my collection, I can’t really say why I like this so much. Maybe it’s nostalgia. This match was old when I got it, but it was still one of my first. Action-wise, it’s pretty comparable to stuff today, with the same sort of holds and banter. Would it be worth seeking out? Not sure, but watching it again recently gave me the same reaction as watching it many years ago.
Morgan doing his best Incredible Hulk impression
BBW let’s us know who’s in charge
Now this is how it’s done, kids
BBW doesn’t seem to respect the big stud
Maybe he should, though
Ah, somebody needs a hug!
One good rack…
…deserves another
BBW shows off, keeping the big stud up there like he weighs nothing
Wait, shouldn’t BBW be using the hold from Boston?
Wearing white doesn’t make you a good guy
Ah, gotta love that mullet

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