Virtual Pilgrimage

It turns out that neverland isn’t the only spot that’s staked out new digs.  None other than BG East’s Boss sent me an incredibly sweet housewarming present for neverland, in the form of several photos of BG East’s new south campus facilities. We’ve seen some glimpses of the new setting, including Gold Shaft’s erotic initiation of babyface angel Lauden Sevior in Sunshine Shooters 6. The Boss told me that in the handful of months it’s been in operation, their new Florida digs have been the setting for more than 30 matches taped already, not to mention hosting visiting wrestlers overnight and providing the background for whatever off camera calisthenics they get up to.  While I’m still hanging the pictures on the walls here at, I can identify with what is obviously a bit of excitement on the part of the BG East boys about setting up their new facilities, placing things where they should go, crafting a blank canvas into the ideal context for supercharged homoerotic wrestling to happen.

Reiterating BG East’s long-standing mantra of being a wrestling company run by wrestlers, we can see in this first batch of photos of the initial set-up of the new facilities that it’s the boys on camera making what’s off camera work. I’ve frequently remarked on certain homoerotic wrestlers whose bodies are built in such a way that there’s simply no better application of their beautiful brawn than to rip off their clothes and throw them into a wrestling ring. From these shots, clearly the second most perfect application of all that beautiful brawn is serving as stage crew.

If you like what you see and are interested in renting the new second holiest site in the world of BG East, you very well may be in luck. Between BG East tapings, these facilities are available for private rental. Can you imagine inviting a group of your closest hardbodied wrestling-and-fuck-buddies to Florida for an overnight orgy of homoerotic wrestling with the sights, smells, and psychic imprint of BG East’s gorgeous stars surrounding you? I can!  The facilities include a kitchen, a massage room, a shower and 2 baths, as well. To see about reserving the space for your (or my) birthday blowout, drop an email to the BGE boy in charge of the south campus:  Tell them Bard sent you, in case I get a commission (I won’t).

Lorenzo Lowe and Ray Naylor put hot wrestling muscles to their second-best use.
Jonny Firestorm is pumped with excitement for BG East’s new Florida facilities
Did The Boss open a new facility primarily for the wall space it provides for his huge collection of wrestling art?
The kitchen that fuels hungry hunks
Massage room set up to pound out the aches and pains from hard, hot wrestling action
Is Jonny Firestorm there to give or get a massage? Either way, count me in!
The new matroom when it was a blank canvas
Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 6.05.15 PM
The new matroom getting broken in with the sweat and tears (and other bodily fluids) of BG East’s gorgeous wrestlers (yet-to-be-released action)
Jake v Steven.
Speaking of fluids, Lorenzo Lowe and ginger rookie hunk Steve Ponce made excellent use of the new matroom in the extremely-soon-to-be-released X-Fights 35

2 thoughts on “Virtual Pilgrimage

  1. I know this is probably a completely wrong guess driven entirely by my own personal desires… But do you know if that picture second from the bottom (yet-to-be-released action) is a match between Cameron Matthews and Reese Wells? I could easily be wrong.. but if I’m right I might have to extend my subscription.

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