Virtual Pilgrimage – Part 2

Setting up a new home can be both a pain in the ass and a labor of love. I spent way too much time tinkering with the look of before going live last week.  Even then, I knew it wasn’t quite right. But I keep telling myself that everything changes, so I can (and most definitely will) keep tinkering, adjusting, redecorating and reformatting as I settle into these new digs. Kid Leopard sent along a some housewarming gifts for me a few days ago documenting his own experience of building a new home for BG East’s south campus in Florida, completed just a few months ago. I posted a few of those photos a couple of days ago, but there’s more. I’m pacing myself (and you) because this gallery is shockingly hot and enticing to pour over!

The raw material

A few days ago I posted the before-and-after shots of the new matroom, from blank canvas transformed into homoerotic wrestling context. There was a preview of X-Fights 35 in that batch, starring rising star Lorenzo Lowe and hunky ginger rookie Steve Ponce, as well as a pair of wrestlers who we can’t quite see their faces, but holy hell I’d bet my retirement fund that I recognize that ass in blue! Today, I’m sharing some of the before and after shots of making an open warehouse storage space into the setting for what will be, I guarantee you, some of my favorite homoerotic wrestling fare.

Lorenzo, Jonny and Ray build the ring frame

Constructing the new ring room at the south campus was completed by some of the hottest on camera talent that BG East currently offers. I hope there was at least one in the bunch that is, in his day job, a carpenter (or had supervision), because the BG East ring inevitably takes quite a beating.

Talk about taking a beating! Dev Michaels crushes an opponent in a pool of sweat and tears

And just to demonstrate some of the beating that the ring has already taken, The Boss sent along some incredibly generous preview pics of matches not yet released.  You may not know this, but the BG East boys guard their trade secrets (and particularly their unreleased catalog of homoerotic wrestling treasure) with an icy cold seriousness. I once talked a wrestler into smuggling out some candid, behind the scenes shots of a BG East taping, and holy fuck, heads rolled! So getting a glimpse of stunning beauty like this not yet for sale at BG East is quite a treat for you and me!

Kid Karisma pries apart a hot looking rookie.

Some of the wrestlers baptizing the new ring with their copious sweat I don’t recognize; some of them I do. All of them, however, I want to get to know a lot better!  Less than a handful of action shots starring the likes of long-time friend of this blog, Kid Karisma and massive muscleman I’d love to cozy up to, Dev Michaels, and I’m already sweating bullets and having to adjust myself.

Kid Karisma shows the rook the new ropes

All good storytelling, as far as I’m concerned, has compelling character development and an engaging plot, but an oft-overlooked aspect of good writing that can (and frequently does) absolutely kill a story is how well it’s set. I’m one of those readers who enjoy paragraphs of description that transport me inside the scene. When I write homoerotic wrestling fiction, I typically edit out pages and pages of background and ancillary detail in order to maintain the focus and pacing, but I always, always, always start writing by writing context. BG East has once again constructed a compelling context, harkening to classic pro wrestling with a dash of for-gay-eyes-only intimacy. The muted color palette is apt background for the stunning beauty of the bodies and action inside the ring, but there’s nothing unimportant about a carefully painted background. As with everything, I sense that BG East has sweated long and hard over the details that we are expected to take for granted, like lighting, like textures and sound quality. It’s the boys body slamming and pouring sweat over one another that hold our attention, of course, but there’s a world that’s been painted around them that is an essential element to the well told homoerotic wrestling story.  Once again, BG East does it right.

The new ring is packed full of classic and newbie hunks

The boys at BG East, both in front of the camera and behind it, deserve a boatload of respect for the days and days that they invest for every minute of homoerotic wrestling entertainment that they produce. Athletes, wrestlers, hunks, beautiful men, everyone of them, with awesome gifts for engaging all the senses in producing provocative, inspiring, and undeniably hot homoerotic wrestling. Thanks for what you do, and for letting us get just a glimpse of what we don’t see on camera.

5 thoughts on “Virtual Pilgrimage – Part 2

  1. I almost broke my trackpad clicking on the image of Dev on top of (what looks like) Kid Karisma to see it bigger!!!! I guess its the Boss orders for some of the pictures not to be enlarged! By the way I am nominating both Kid K and Dev for having their own Wrestler’s Spotlight, which in my opinion is long overdue.

    And where do they find these rookies from??? The thought of Kid Karisma giving the handsome new guy his “welcome” is way too much for me to handle.

    It is good to know that many of my favorites are still around, especially Kid K who has been missing from the last 3 or 4 catalog (or partial catalog) releases. With each catalog release I was kinda losing hope I was going to see him again, just like I’m losing hope of ever watching Pete Sharp in action again. : (

    It is great to see these backstage glimpses every now and then, even if they make waiting for these matches to be released a torture! Can’t wait for Catalog 100!!!

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