Raw material

Before I left for vacation (“holiday”), Kid Leopard sent me some sweet, behind-the-scenes shots of the new BG East facility in Florida. I love a glimpse behind-the-scenes of homoerotic wrestling.  A lot. I still ache for more behind-the-scenes galleries in the BG East Arena “Surprise” Galleries. Something just turns me on about that moment at the edge of one reality and another, the muscle studs of my wrestling fantasies geared up but lounging about, the snarling, hot hunks of the ring clowning around, showing some affection, or just whatever it is they do outside the ring. That one foot in, one foot out aspect of behind-the-scenes shots works me up just fine!

The art before it hits the walls and becomes the context within with homoerotic wrestling magic is made.

There were just a few shots that I didn’t have to post from The Boss’ indulgence of my lust for behind-the-scenes insights. They are of the “lounge” area, the break room for homoerotic wrestling hunks.  Taking a break between matches? Grabbing a quick bite or rehydrating before climbing back in the ring and pounding the hell out of an opponent? Stop off here and kick back, text your boyfriend, shoot the shit with the gorgeous, barely clad hottie in pro trunks and mid-calf boots across the room from you.

Kid Karisma and Jake Lorenzo hang out in the break room with a couple of hot hunks I can’t identify.

Now, first on my bucket list is to weasel my way into a closed set filming of a sweat-filled, muscle pumped, full-contact, preferably rip and strip pro wrestling match. Make said match starring Kid Karisma’s award winning ass, and I could die then and there. Second item on my bucket list is to pull up a chair in this lounge, do my best to tear my eyes off of the beautiful, mostly bare muscle bodies around me, and enjoy discovering what these guys are like when the cameras are off.

3rd on my bucket list…

Third on my bucket list is some one-on-one time rubbing down a homoerotic wrestling god in the massage room in back, preferably while he’s still soaked in sweat from the ring and he hasn’t gotten off in a week. Okay, that’s probably #2. At least.

The boys of BG East, poised to work their magic.

So I may die unfulfilled, but I’m incredibly grateful for the boys behind the cameras at BG East, and The Boss in particular, for giving me (and you) a little glimpse of palette upon which they paint the homoerotic wrestling masterpieces that are the reason for neverland’s being.  And I cannot wait to be introduced to the new faces poised to show up for their debuts with BG East, who we catch a glimpse of in the group shot above!

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