Daddy’s Boy is Back

“I’ve got everything!” Damien Rush boasts. “And I’ll always have everything!”

Daddy’s little rich boy, Damien Rush is back at Muscle Domination Wrestling after taking some time off to build his beautiful muscles bigger (and presumably accounting for some moonlighting for Kid Leopard). In Muscle Domination Wrestling’s Season 5, Damien shows up for Meaty Muscle Massacre 3, sporting sparkling royal purple trunks, purple armbands/garters, and a brand new pair of boots. Damien loves his hot bod nearly as much as I do, which is saying a lot. And he’s never shy about saying so to the random newbies that dare to climb into the ring with him, in this case, hot stud Rodriguez Cortez.

“Feel that fucking bicep, huh!?”

Like always, Damien is a little flabbergasted that anyone, much less fresh meat like newbie Rodriguez, would have the nerve to stand face to face with Mr. Rush’s hotbodied baby boy. He flexes his biceps and demands that the newbie feel the steel, giving Rodriguez and opportunity to simply admit his inferiority and run from the ring in fear. “I’ve defeated everything Muscle Domination Wrestling has to offer!” Damien boasts to the rook. Rich white guys always get to re-write history, so this blatant misrepresentation of Damien’s ring record at MDW shouldn’t surprise anyone. “I’ve defeated the biggest, the baddest, the best!”

Rodriguez Cortez is not impressed.

Damien’s love affair with his own physique appears to have completely distracted him from noticing the newbie’s bod, but I, however, have most definitely noticed. Holy shit, the kid his stunningly beautiful! True enough, I’m guessing he’s not quite as hard as Damien. It’s entirely possible he is not as fiercely conditioned, probably owing to the fact he may not be able to afford a beck-and-call personal trainer like Damien can. But damn, damn, damn, his smooth, brown body is nothing if not lickable, and I’d give an appendage to get my mouth on those sexy lips of his! Little wonder he’s not rolling over and letting the blue blood climb on top, because I have a strong feeling Mr. Cortez gets plenty of panting adoration of his gorgeous body to keep his ego strength up.

“Collared and owned… by me!”

The wrestling trends toward a tit-for-tat motif, as the beautiful boys work each other over in turn, trading holds, shoveling on mountains of trash talk, comparing how devastatingly they can milk a maneuver. Honestly, Damien’s experience advantage is clearly evident. He works the tough kid hard, and while Rodriguez keeps battling back, the question appears to be whether he can keep catching up from behind. “Some newbie steps into my ring?!” Damien snarls when he’s got the rook rocking. “MY RING!!?” he asks, incredulous. Using one of his purple armbands to choke the fight out of Rodriguez, sweat glistens off of the hairy blue blood’s bod, dripping off his nose. “Collared and owned… by me!” he snarls in the kid’s ear. I have no idea if the daddy’s-little-richboy is just a gimmick, but Damien sure sells the story of privileged fucker accustomed to owning anything and everything quite convincingly!

“Climb these tree trunks!”

More than one he puts the gorgeous rookie on his ass and then demands that the kid climb his tree trunk thighs back to this feet again. Holy shit, that device moves me down deep! A little dazed, a lot furious, and just a tad obedient, Rodriguez puts his paws on Damien’s hairy legs and claws his way back up for another round of rookie-bashing.

“There’s nothing you can do to beat this glorious statue of a body!”

Damien just gets more insanely hot the harder he works, the sweatier he gets, and the more exhaustion and pain contorts his face. “There’s nothing you can do to beat this glorious statue of a body!” he taunts, having just beaten back a renewed flurry of offense from the stubborn newbie.

The newbie takes matters into his own hands.

“Newbie,” however, does not mean dummy in this case. Having ordered Rodriguez to climb his tree trunk thighs once too often, the rook’s eyes lock onto that pretty purple bulge and fire a gorgeous shot into those crown jewels. Rodriguez dishes out plenty of trash talk when he’s got a hold of the rich boy by a fistful of hair, but his message is loudest and clearest when he just keeps barreling down on the breathless beauty, dragging Damien up, crying like a baby, only to beat him back down again. The sheen of sweat on his lickable body is hypnotic, but again, it’s those sneering, curled-in-rage lips that make my knees buckle.

“You better stay down… it’ll be over soon!”

Rodriguez puts Damien’s personally trained body through the ringer when he’s got momentum going his way. Like the whiny bitch he is (particularly at MDW), Damien screams and squirms and fires off a dozen excuses for how humbled he is in the newbie’s control. “You better stay down. Stay down!” Rodriguez warns Damien when the richboy keeps coming back for more. “It’ll be over soon!”

Sneering, sweaty, sexy newbie!

Damien’s got his hands full, and Rodriguez has no qualms about beating the fight right out of the richboy, starting (again and again) with Damien’s balls. While Damien hasn’t quite beaten everything MDW has thrown at him, it is true he’s tallied an impressive resume of hard knocks given as well as received. He had been on quite a roll of a dominating heel turn, as the cocky narcissist richboy made inroads in putting his bod and training to good use. But sexy as hell Rodriguez is a blank slate, and putting Damien right back into the Jobber category would be quite a debut coup.

Damien needs a helping hand.

Meaty Muscle Massacre 3 is a sweet example of MDW doing straightforward pro wrestling as promised with intensity and erotic undertones. The bodies are stunning. The characters are compelling. The wrestling is hard, slow, and all about muscles. I can’t wait to get my eyes on more of Rodriguez Cortez (not to mention my tongue). And I’m just saying, if there’s one thing a daddy’s-little-richboy-pro-wrestler needs is a personal valet to accompany him to the ring, peel him off the mat when he’s trashed, carry him back to the locker room, slip him out of his gear, give him a full body, recuperative massage, shower him down, and put him to bed. I have my resume ready, Damien.

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