Kneading Nips

There’s a new set of nipples in town: Felipe Von Borstel

Have you seen Socialite Life’s Male Model spotlight for today?  Felipe Von Borstel is 6 feet tall, Brazilian, and I’m fixated by his nipples.  Seriously, I haven’t been as enthralled with a pair of sexy nipples since I first saw Mason Brooks step into the BG East Gazebo.

Mason Brooks and his mesmerizing nipples!

Hellfire, Felipe, headlights like those are absolutely screaming for full-throated attention in a homoerotic wrestling ring!  Somebody quick, sign this babyface beauty to a lifetime contract and put that sweet ass in low cut, tear-away trunks, because there’s pec torture and nipple play just begging to happen, and throw in some screams of agony in Portuguese, and I promise this boy will be a best seller in seconds flat!

Holy shit this man needs a wrestling ring, STAT!

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