News Break





I’ve been on a forced hiatus from the blog for a little while, trying to chase deadlines elsewhere in my life.  But even with my head down and nose to the grindstone, there was no missing this piece of choice meat in beefcake news from a few days ago.  Apparently a couple body beautiful Southern Florida boys wanted to show their team spirit for the Miami Dolphins by stripping down to Dolphin speedos for the game.


Stadium security required the hunks to put their pants on, which is just nuts.  It’s fucking Miami.  They’re fucking hot!  It isn’t difficult to see why the beautiful boys caught a lot of attention at the game and on the internet afterward.

Go team!

This blond on the left could easily be the tattooed younger brother of Thunders Arena’s TAK.  The furry bearded muscle boy on the right could easily be the star of my next homoerotic wrestling fantasy!  Drag that hot slice of meat up off the mat by those whiskers, baby! Holy shit, sign these two exhibitionists up for a homoerotic tag team match NOW!


Damn it, these boys make me want to like football!  And I, in turn, really want to introduce them to homoerotic wrestling.

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