The Natural Physique

Lon Dumont doesn’t just look devastatingly pretty, he uses that all natural physique to devastate his competition in the ring, as well!

My reigning favorite homoerotic wrestler, Lon Dumont, has perfectly combined the artistry and science of physique training. Seriously, look at his gorgeous body and you know what I’m talking about. He’s been stunning the judges on stage over the past three years of bodybuilding competitions, just as he’s been using that phenomenal physique to crush the competition in the ring at BG East. Not only was he starring in a new BG East release this month, Last Man Standing, he was also bringing home a sexy, big-assed trophy from his latest bodybuilding competition as well.

Lon shocked and awed in his most recent bodybuilding competition this month. Holy serratus anterior, Batman! This is the definition of definition!

As for me, I’m at least as turned on by Lon’s sell and personality as I am his physical perfection. But I can see why his physique alone generates accolades and trophies.  Other BG East wrestlers have also noticed, and happily signed on for some personal training from Lon, transforming their hot muscled bodies into even hotter, harder, and hunkier physical specimens (all the better to dominate!).


Now, you can also benefit from the hardcore training lessons Lon has learned from breaking down and building back up his beautiful body into the work of art it is today. Lon self-publishes “The Natural Physique,” a full color magazine focusing on natural bodybuilding, natural fitness training, and just plain natural health. Of course, I subscribe for the articles (a-hem), but I can imagine that aficionados of sexy bodies would find plenty of eye candy to enjoy. And if you’re interested in healthy eating, exercising, and networking with other natural physique devotees, TNP is a must for your coffee table. Check it out, “like” TNP on FB, and subscribe today!

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