Friday Fashion

Rusty Stevens wore it best.

It’s a rare pretty faced rookie who can pull an upset off on one of the veteran heels in wrestling.  Early in last week’s Friday Fashion poll, I thought beautiful Brit Darren Madison was going to do just that, taking a commanding lead in early voting to determine who wore those orange and blue N2N biker shorts best. Slowly, but surely, the veteran and perennial top tier favorite here at neverland, Rusty Stevens, calmly came up from behind (which you know is one of his favorite moves) and then pounded the pretty boy’s ass into the mat, winning the vote with nearly 58%. The attention Darren drew is telling, I think, and I hope that we see more of the rough-n-tumble fratboy with an accent. However, the voters have spoken, and it’s not hard to see why fans would think that Rusty Stevens wore it best.

Rusty strains and struggles, sweating straight through those N2N shorts.

Today’s poll draws again from the N2N fashion drawer, and once again let’s look at that same style of biker shorts, but this time in gold and green. First up is the immensely popular Aryx Quinn, who managed to hold onto this gear an astonishingly long time against, appropriately enough, Rusty Stevens in Can-Am’s Arena 2. Aryx never fails to own mountains of fans with his fuck stakes wrestling, but that’s not the question here.  The question is, did he wear it best?

Battling for the vote this week is fellow Can-Am alum, Tyler Reese, who wore the exact same gear in Jobe’s Justice. Tyler never fails to show up cut like crystal, with a boyish face that’s easily overlooked because of that phenomenal physique. Those N2N biker shorts look like they’ve been applied with a butter knife on his incredibly lean, muscled legs. He’s stunningly beautiful, but again, let me remind you, the question is whether he wore it best.  Check out the options and vote below!

Aryx Quinn’s bulges stretch that gold and green beautifully. Pretty as a picture and vicious as a viper, Aryx is unquestionably a wrestling fan favorite. But did he wear it best?
Bring your dirty laundry, because Tyler Reese as one of the most ripped washboard abs in the business to along with his lean, powerfully muscled body and adorable babyface. Yeah, you wanna wrestle him to the mat and unleash that trouser snake bulging through the contours of his shorts. But did he wear it best?

One thought on “Friday Fashion

  1. It was a pleasure to take on stud Titus and looking forward to a rematch with him. Maybe we will oil up our bodies and take it to the mats.

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