Fourth Day of Christmas

Getting year-end greeting cards from heels is intense!  Yet another friend of neverland and intensely arousing homoerotic wrestling heel, Cage Thunder, dropped off this new year’s promise and wish for us all. 2013 was not only the year that Cage Thunder published a smoking hot homoerotic wrestling novel, Going Down for the Count, be he was also unmasked by the only stud man enough to do it: Cage Thunder himself. So what better way to ring in the new year but with an unmasked Cage Thunder selfie and the promise of countless brutal returns in 2014.

You’ve seen my dick, now you’ve seen my face. Prepare to be awed and thunderstruck in 2014, bitches. May you have the New fucking Year you deserve. – Cage Thunder

Thanks for hours of reading and viewing entertainment, Cage Thunder!

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