Third Day of Christmas

The hits just keep coming, as the wrestler who owned the #1 spot here at neverland almost all of 2013 dropped this little gem off for me and you. Well, at least me. As the self-appointed president of the Lon Dumont fan club, I consider myself included in Lon’s “me and mine.” As far as that goes, I’m ready to be Lon’s anything, anywhere, anytime, especially in 2014.  I both pity and desperately envy the suckers destined to get their blocks knocked off by longtime friend of neverland, Lon Dumont!

As we celebrate the holidays and prepare for the new year, I think it’s of paramount importance that we keep in mind the things that truly matter (read: me, and my array of tights), and consider the plight of the less fortunate (read: the countless scores of homoerotic punks whose heads I will kick free from their shoulders in 2014). Allow me to wish the happiest of new years to me and mine.

You may qualify as part of Lon’s “me and mine” if you vote for him for best abs, best ring match, and/or best match of 2013, but honestly, of course, that’s up to Lon.

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