Good (and a Little Evil) vs Evil: The Finale

Muscle Domination Wrestling has recently released season 7, and there are some great surprises there. One of the biggest surprises for me was seeing big, beautiful Braden Charron in what appears to be a squash glove fetish match.  I haven’t seen it yet, but I was unable to resist getting my eyes on the climactic season finale of the Super Men saga. Muscle Master Kevin and Damien Rush starring in a superhero ring match!? I’m there.

Damien Rush as Super Stud II gets his hot body worked over to reinvigorate him for one last shot at defeating Super Heel.

For those who have not watched the entire series, this finale is the culmination of intrigues piled upon intrigues, betrayals and corruption, and one incredibly hot superhero after another getting conquered and crushed by the original Super-Stud-turned-evil, Super Heel. The mysterious time traveling hunk in a mask and a black bodysuit, The Suit, got more than he bargained for when he tricked Super Stud into drinking Alpha Male juice.  So Suit rescues hunky Super Stud II, Damien Rush, peels him out of his super suit (hell, yes), and begins giving him a full body massage to rejuvenate the battered hero for another go at his nemesis.

The Suit cannot keep his hands off of Super Stud’s pumped muscles!

He gives Damien’s sweet ass particularly loving attention with a deep muscle massage that leaves Damien groaning and soaking up Suit’s promise to give him the strength and the ally he needs to beat the evil Super Heel once and for all.  He gives Super Stud II his newest, most potent “serum,” so-called “heel juice” which Damien swallows enthusiastically as The Suit strokes himself with excitement. When a newly rejuvenated, more pumped than every Super Stud II starts to flex his newly invigorated muscles, Suit can’t keep his hands off them, which seems to do nothing but stoke Damien harder and more intense.

Super Stud II yet again finds himself on his knees at the feet of Super Heel.

The unlikely tag team partners are full of confidence when they arrive ringside to put Super Heel in his place once and for all. True enough, the opening test of strength appears to be a stalemate, with advantage veering toward the double team’s way as Suit freezes time and pounds Super Heel’s vulnerable, frozen muscles. This is the first real challenge posed to the evil-consumed Super Heel. Could the deal-with-the-devil tag team have finally dialed up the super villain’s number?  Oh fuck no! Super Heel isn’t using even 2% of his Alpha Male super villain strength.  When he really tries, all he has to do his flex his hot, lycra-encased muscles and both Super Stud II and The Suit are dropped to their knees.

Super Heel is in the driver’s seat, ripping Super Stud’s arms out at the shoulder.

The Suit is nearly choke-slammed right out of this world. Even as Super Stud II pleads with him to rally, the self-serving hunk in black freezes time and flees the scene, leaving Super Stud II at the mercy of the malevolence and sadism of Super Heel.  Those who know MDW already know the tone of a Muscle Master Kevin squash. There’s a non-stop monologue of the blue-eyed, whisker-faced babyface badboy, describing his destiny for domination even as he rips Super Stud’s hot, doomed body apart joint by going.

A head scissors/hair pull demonstrates how effortlessly in control Super Heel is.

Super Stud suffers long and hard, more and more humiliated with each passing second. These are two of my favorite bodies locked in intimate, punishing holds, with lavish loads of taunting and verbal torment making equal parts delicious cake and sweet icing. There’s a poignant moment when Super Stud II pleads for the Suit to return, to come to his rescue. His mental anguish is almost as sexy as his corporal punishment. Please, please, he begs for Suit to return to the fray. He doesn’t.

Damien’s lycra clad ass steals several scenes!

A few meta-narrative notes to share: Damien’s ass squeezed into a metallic lycra super suit nearly converts me to a full on lycra fetishist. That. Ass!  There’s also something almost supernatural (coincidentally) about how brightly Kevin’s incredibly blue eyes shine next to Damien’s blue bodysuit. Technically, the wrestling is second to the narrative in this match, so serious wrestling fans should be cautioned: this is much more aimed at kitsch, superhero, and lycra kinks than it’s directly aimed at wrestling fanatics. But that said, Damien is suffering more convincingly every time I see him. Muscle Master Kevin’s sell of the effortless demigod is almost too convincing. I’m more moved by hot, dominating effort than such a squash that the boy on top would never break a sweat in a million years. But there are enough lingering scissors, chokes, and just enough slams filling up the ring to keep me on board.

Vanquishing the babyface hero

Finally, I want to note that Muscle Domination Wrestling is starting to distinguish themselves as boy geniuses in the business, not for their world class sells, not for a particularly innovative business model, not for production quality… but for vocabulary.  There’s a strong whiff of college nerds turned wrestling hunks about this match. What other homoerotic wrestling match do you know of that includes dialogue featuring words such as “dystopia,” “temerity,” and “hubris.” Over the top macho domination and a well-read, $20-word chatter is a sweet combination that makes me smile.

Oh, and back to the narrative, don’t push “stop” when the scene fades to black. There’s a post-script stinger with the appearance of a furry, naked ass getting slipped into gray lycra. A new super character slowly turns, revealing himself, looking like someone who’s ready to pose a new and serious challenge to Super Heel for evil world domination. I smell a season 2!

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